7 Dos & Don’ts for Cooking in a Pressure Cooker

7 Dos & Don’ts for Cooking in a Pressure Cooker

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The pressure cooker offers many benefits, and it is a popular cooking method. Short cooking time, high heat and richer flavor of dishes are some major perks of the pressure cooker. Now we will discuss do’s & don’ts for cooking in a pressure cooker.

7 Dos and don’ts for cooking in a steel pressure cooker-

  • Carefully read the instruction manual– Every pressure cooker is different in some of the other senses. Before pressure cooking, you must know the instructions and safety features.
  • Add enough liquid: While using a pressure cooker, keep enough liquid in the pot to cook your food. It will help you create enough steam to cook the food.
  • Start with easy recipes: Pressure cooking can be intimidating so, get comfortable by starting with the easy recipes.

Pressure cooker don’ts-

  • Don’t open it while cooking– Most updated pressure cookers don’t allow to open them while pressure is building inside. In case you need to open your cooker while cooking, turns off the gas first and release the pressure.
  • Don’t release the pressure before time: Follow the recipe steps for releasing the pressure. If you release too early, then there are chances that your food remains uncooked.
  • Don’t add thickeners: Thickeners like cornstarch are to be avoided before your food starts cooking. When you cook the thick sauce, soup adding a thickener can negatively affect because less steam is released from a thicker liquid.
  • Don’t give up after 1 bad experience– Don’t give up if you are struggling with your steel pressure cooker. It takes time to understand how it best suits your cooking routine.

Advantages of a steel pressure cooker-

A pressure cooker seals the food in an air-tight container and generates a lot of heat. It is your best friend because it can make your dinner ready in 8-10 minutes. Chicken, beef, potato, rice and beans are some best foods to prepare in a pressure cooker.

  • The cooking process requires less time- By using a pressure cooker, you can save 2/3 of your normal cooking time.
  • Energy-efficient- Electronic pressure cookers are highly energy-efficient appliances. They require less liquid and boil faster than other cookware.
  • Retains vitamins and nutrients- Boiling diminishes the nutritional value of the food. A steel pressure cooker cooks food deeply, evenly and quickly.
  • Preserve food’s appearance and taste- A pressure cooker, due to its airtight design, enables flavors to develop faster.
  • Eliminate harmful microorganisms- Pressure cooking for 10 minutes reduces the toxic agents to safe levels. Acc. to the researchers, pressure cooking temperature is capable of reducing aflatoxin concentrations to safe levels.

Final words-

Compared to the stove and oven, there are several pros of cooking in a steel pressure cooker. Purchase the perfect one from vinodcookware.com to enjoy these perks of a pressure cooker.