Best Sleeping Position For The Pregnant Patient

When a woman is pregnant figuring out how to lay down and sleep well can be a challenge. When your belly is in the way and you’re used to laying on it things can get really difficult. As to what positions are the best for pregnant women, not all women know the answer.

Most women need to face the fact that they’ll have to change their sleeping positions after they’re pregnant. Once they reach their 5th month sleeping on their back may feel right but it’s not the right position. It puts additional pressure on their aorta as well as on their inferior vena cava. When extra pressure is put on these vessels it can slow down the blood circulation, to both the mother and the baby.


It’s much better if they get their mind off lying on their back and stomach and find a position on their side. It can become difficult to breathe while lying on their back and they can develop stomach problems.

When it comes to the safety of the baby sleeping on the side is the best. Even the experts recommend sleeping on the left side. This is mostly because of the improvement in circulation, which leads to better nutrient-packed blood that can flow much easier and nourish the baby. The left side position also prevents the body from expanding body weight that will push down too hard on the liver. Either side will work OK but the left one is the best.


Some Tips

There are some little techniques that can help a pregnant woman be more comfortable while also protecting the baby. Pillows can be very effective for propping up the tummy or for placing between the knees. There are pregnancy pillows available that are quite long and help a woman to remain on her side so they don’t roll over on their backs.

When a woman gets short of breath they can use a pillow under their side to raise their chest. If they suffer from heartburn they can raise the bed up on the head side and elevate it to keep acids in the stomach instead of having it come up within the esophagus.There is really nothing to have a panic attack over if a woman rolls over during sleep. It’s a natural thing. One of the main keys is to be comfortable and to get as much sleep as possible.

Additional Facts

When a woman’s breasts get tender and their belly grows they can experience swelling, pains, and muscle aches. Their blood pressure can drop which can cause dizziness, mainly when they try to stand up or sit up. In some women it can even work the opposite and cause their blood pressure to go up.

With snoring and adding weight some women even develop sleep apnea. That’s another reason for them to sleep on their left sides. While there is not really hard scientific evidence that the left side is better than the right, it does seem to be the prevailing accepted opinion.

Good Sleep

Most any pregnancy brings on many types of sleep disturbances. The snoring, leg cramps, nausea, and heartburn, can interrupt anyone’s sleep. One good thing to keep a watch on is caffeine intake. Many sodas may seem harmless but they can keep anyone tossing back and forth all night. It’s the same with too much chocolate. A pregnant woman should avoid both when it gets closer to bedtime.Always drink plenty of fluids and avoid any heavy food or spicy food before laying down for the night.

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