CNS and Sex: what’s the connection?

Sex is a primal and physical act that is presumed to lie just in attraction and lust. While both these factors are true of course, however, sex has bigger and more profound relationship with other bodily functions. Central nervous system especially is very closely linked to sexual intercourse.

CNS controls erection

Your brain is in fact the hard drive of your body. It plays the important role of moderation of the hormones that are responsible for sexually charging you. But most important implication perhaps is the impact of CNS for the physical possibility of sex in men.

While arousal is important for in both genders, but it is crucial for men as it aids in the formation of erection. In the typical sexual performance, getting an erection is important for penetrative sex, and lack thereof results in a disorder known as erectile dysfunction.

Interestingly, it is in fact CNS, that controls the process of erection. Any nerve damage therefore results in the signal pathway getting distorted and thus the physical manifestation of arousal –in the form of erection – is not possible. Any spinal injury can also be responsible for this condition. In cases where spinal injury is the suspected root cause, men should visit a good neurologist like Prof. Dr. Sajjad Naseer for getting their problem checked out as spinal injuries can be extremely dangerous and debilitating.

However, spinal injuries do not always mean that you cannot have sex. Many men suffering from injuries are unable to control their other limbs, they can still have erection and experience penetrative vaginal sex.

CNS controls sexual behavior

Arousal notwithstanding, CNS has in place a complementary mechanism that leads to erection. One part of it are the excitatory signals, which as the name suggests, promote arousal. Due to physical stimulation or attraction, this nervous response is generated. Consequently, signals make it to the nerve in the penis. Arteries in the muscles of the penis are thus signaled, ultimately producing an erection.

However, another part of the CNS prevents the formation of erection, not due to some disorder, but by design. This inhibitory response is important to prevent men from being in a perpetual state of arousal. Being sexually active all the time has important implications from the human society at large.

Hence, different parts of CNS work intelligently and in tandem to allow for sex to take place.

Moreover, brain also stimulates hormones that lead to formation of erection. The brain center, hypothalamus, is responsible for causing the secretion of the hormone, oxytocin. This hormone helps in activation of the excitatory nerve pathways, hence causing erection.

Brain also is the memory storage and learning center of the body. It carefully catalogues anything that awakens the sexual force in the body and learns what to imagine to be aroused. Therefore, it is not necessary that physical stimulation is required for erection; it is possible for men to get aroused with mental imagery alone, such is the power of brain!

CNS helps you enjoy sex

Orgasm is made possible due to the stimulation received by the nerve pathways. So, in a way CNS also regulates the pleasure derived from sex as well.

Moreover, Sexual dysfunction also includes lack of libido and lubrication which can make penetrative sex extremely uncomfortable and painful for women. It also results in difficulty getting or complete lack of orgasm.

Secondary sexual dysfunction includes other more physical problems like bladder and sensory problems, cognitive impairment, muscle weakness, fatgue etc.

Tertiary sexual dysfunction is more psychological in nature. Issues like those with self-worth and self-esteem, body image issues, cultural constructions all lead to this inability to have or enjoy sex.

All these factors are related to the neurological and cognitive issues.

Sex also helps the CNS

Sex also influences the CNS. It helps to get rid of stress, which severely imposes on the nervous system and the brain. When we have sex, hypothalamus in the brain is stimulated and it induces the release of good and euphoria-causing hormones.

In women, orgasm leads to heightened brain activity as well. Moreover, surprisingly, exposure to semen helped in lowering the levels of depression in women, according to one study.

Brain in men is also stimulated by sex. Alongside the coursing pleasure in the body, orgasming also helps men in their emotional processing.

Another unexpected benefit of sex is improved memory as we age. Hence, increasing sexual activity also increases the memory-retaining ability of the brain.

Suffice to say, CNS and sex enjoy an important relationship. This primitive act has a lot of benefits for the human mind and body. Therefore, anyone suffering from sexual dysfunction should visit a credible sexologist like Dr. Samra Amin to be able to derive pleasure from sex.