Fighting The Ill-Effects Of Thyroid With Thyroid Testing Dwarka

One of the most common diseases since ages has been thyroid. This may occur at any age and gender. As per data collected by institutes, it is much more common in women, and mostly happens during post pregnancy or menopause, but its occurrence in the male is equally alarming. One would get much more alarmed on knowing that it usually lasts for a lifetime and consumption of medicine in this case hardly stops, though the quantity may vary.

How thyroid testing defines this problem?

Down under your neck is a butterfly-shaped gland. This gland is responsible for the generation of 2 types of thyroid hormones, Thyroxin and Triiodothyronine, which runs down to all the various parts of the body. These thyroid hormones control our metabolism rate in several ways like the speed of heart beat, or how quickly you can burn the consumed calories.

These hormones also affect brain development, skin dryness, cholesterol, muscle strength, body temperature, etc.

Types of thyroid problems

Health care provider at thyroid testing center in Dwarka performs several tests to examine the functioning of the thyroid. These tests may also play an important role in revealing various thyroid disorders like,

  1. Hyperthyroidism:

As its name suggests, this condition occurs when the amount of thyroid hormone increases in the blood. This may lead to increase in rate of calorie consumption by body, leading to weight loss, rapid heart rate, High BP, etc.

  1. Hypothyroidism:

This is the exact opposite of the previous one. In this condition, our thyroid does not manufacture enough thyroid hormone which may lead to slowing down of bodily functions, which may result in weight gain, weakness, and high irritability.

And to check the prevalence of these disorders, thyroid testing Dwarka may suggest TSH test, T3 test, T4 test, or TSI tests. And for performing these tests, a blood sample of the client is deeply assessed by an expert to know the current condition of the thyroid.

Thyroid affecting women

Every 1 out of 8 patient visiting pathology lab performing thyroid testing Dwarka is a woman, as the prevalence is much higher in this gender. Other severe predicaments of this problem are,

  • Thyroid hormone controls the menstrual cycle, and any problem occurring with thyroid hormone may lead to light, heavy or irregular periods. In some cases, it may also lead to amenorrhea; periods stop for several weeks or months.
  • Another problem might give tension to for married women, as it severely affects ovulation, and may make it hard for the affected women to get pregnant.
  • Even during pregnancy, it may create several health risks for mother and the baby.

Any women who have suffered thyroid related problems in the past or has been exposed to radiotherapy affecting the thyroid gland must visit a doctor on an urgent basis. Apart from that, people having a goiter, or type1 diabetes also becomes vulnerable to thyroid disorders.

This condition may disrupt the patient’s life severely and only a timely treatment at medical institutes like thyroid testing Dwarka can reduce the ill effects of this problem. The early symptoms of thyroid problem should not be ignored and must be dealt with utmost care and vigilance. Your health is your prior concern and should not be compromised at any cost.