How Neuroscience Helps in Recovering from Traumas

How Neuroscience Helps in Recovering from Traumas

Therapists have long been working to provide their patients with a healthy and beautiful life after recovering from any inexperience from the past. Dr. Ronald has discovered the best way to overcome any kind of unpleasant event from the past that might be affecting your present life. With the help of touch therapy, tapping and eye movements, psycho sensory therapy can help in removing the negativity from any of your past recollection of memories. The process has got a strong scientific basis. The following article shall provide you with a small outlook over the havening therapy method.

How Does It Work?

The havening techniques aid in removing any inexperience from any kind of past experience that leaves a negative impact on your life that might be hindering your present life progress.

  • It involves the use of EMDR techniques as well. The lateral eye motions, touching and tapping the skin causes the release of a delta wave that changes the electrical and chemical balance of the brain.
  • This wave is normally released when the body is in a state of deep sleep. It increases the release of serotonin and that eventually decreases stress. The therapist might also talk you out of the negativity.
  • The creation of traumatic memories is due to other reasons that are a part of the solid scientific research did by doctor Ronald. The purpose of the therapy is to reach that traumatic memory and alter the way the brain takes effect from it. The memory hence remains but the negative effect that it had is altered.

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The Effect of Havening in Future

It has been seen that the havening technique helps the patients in staying away from depression and anxiety in the future as well.

  • In this way this therapy molds the way the brain takes effect from specific negative events. The brain chemicals are altered in such a way that it does not take traumatic and depressive effects from any event in the future as well.
  • In this way, people get to live a better life without depression, anxiety and stress. Your brain is in other terms immune to depression and anxiety in the future as well.
  • John Nolan is the 88th havening therapy specialist who qualified back in 2015. He knows how to use havening techniques to help his patients in moving out from traumatic experiences.