Life Threatening Abdominal Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

The abdominal area tends to lack any bony structural protection, which means that it is vulnerable to a wide range of injuries in the event of a car accident. Injuries due to blunt and penetrating abdominal trauma are common in motor vehicle crashes. Abdominal injuries should always be taken seriously and should get immediate medical attention.

The abdomen is a large area located in between the chest and pelvis. It contains all of the following organs: kidney, pancreas, liver, stomach, gall bladder, diaphragm, small and large intestines, aorta and spleen.

Abdominal injuries are classified into two depending on whether the trauma was blunt or penetrating. Some of the signs of abdominal injuries after a car wreck include nausea and vomiting, bruising along the lower stomach, pain or tenderness, bowel and bladder control issues.

Recovery from these injuries requires an extensive period of rest and if you talk to a personal injury attorney, they can assist you to get the compensation you deserve while you focus on recovery.

Abdominal trauma presents a risk of severe blood loss and infection. Early indications of abdominal trauma include vomiting, fever, nausea and blood in the urine. In penetrating injuries, there may be a protrusion of internal organs. Injuries related to abdominal trauma are vertebral fractures, rib fractures, abdominal wall injuries and pelvic fractures.

Liver injuries are the commonest blunt injuries in road accidents followed by splenic injuries, injuries to intestines, kidney, stomach, urinary bladder injuries, gall bladder and pancreas in decreasing order respectively.

  • Liver injuries:

Of all abdominal organs, the liver is most prone to injury due to its location and size. Injuries to the liver can cause shock due to the liver’s delicate tissue which has a large supply of blood. In children, it is the organ that is mostly injured. In the event of a car crash, the liver can be torn open due to the force of the crash or may be contused or lacerated. When severely damaged, it can cause bleeding to death which requires emergency surgery.

  • Spleen injuries

In its vulnerability to getting damaged, the spleen closely follows the liver. This is happens in both children and adults. A ruptured spleen can be fatal due to its propensity to bleed. This can lead to shock due to internal bleeding.

  • Pancreas injuries

It’s likely to get injured by contusion or laceration. A pancreas that is damaged is likely to be enlarged, with fluid around it.

  • Kidneys injuries

Although they may be injured, they are partly shielded by the ribs. Indications of a damaged kidney include bloody urine, which signifies internal bleeding. If the damage to the kidneys is permanent, it will necessitate dialysis or transplant.

  • Small intestines injuries

In penetrating injury, these are likely to be damaged. Bowel injury may be related to symptoms such as abscess, infection, obstruction of the bowel and fistula formation.

If abdominal injury is not diagnosed and treated properly, it can cause severe complications or even death. This treatment should be paid for by the person responsible for causing the crash, which implies that his or her insurance company must step up and pay for the medical bills and any other compensation.