Oral Health: A Key to Overall Wellness

Oral Health: A Key to Overall Wellness

Most often your oral health is a window to your overall wellbeing. Changes in your mouth can be potential cues to several health-issues or can impact the overall health. In the past few years, the risks and number of cases of oral problems have increased and so are the related health issues. While the advancements in dental and oral procedures such as All-on-4 Implants – Dental Boutique are giving hope for a healthier mouth around the world, a little more awareness on the subject can do wonders. Here are some points that prove the relation of oral health with overall wellbeing and a better quality of life.

Oral Health a Window into Overall Health

Your mouth is a soft target for bacterial infections. It is also the entry point for your respiratory and digestive systems, which is why entry of bacteria in the mouth can be a potential cause of diseases related to these systems. Regular oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing can keep these bacteria in check and prevent infections.

Also, certain medications such as painkillers, anti-depressants, etc reduce the saliva in your mouth which can lead to oral issues like decay and gum diseases. Also, diseases that reduce the resistance power of the body can contribute to these oral problems.

A Boost to Your Self-Esteem

Oral problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases result in an unpleasant smile and bad breath. These issues are known to hurt your confidence. It also forces you to change your eating habits which further add to the plights. A healthy mouth gives you confidence, elevates your aura in public, and keeps you high-spirited.

Lower The Risks of Heart Ailments

Researchers have also found that heart problems such as blockage and stroke are linked to inflammation from chronic gum diseases. Many studies have further ascertained these findings. Experts suggest that maintaining good oral health can contribute to good heart health.

Keeps The Memory Bright

Some studies in neurology and psychiatry have reflected that adult subjects with swollen and bleeding gums, formally known as, gingivitis perform inferior in memory tests as compared to those with a healthy mouth. Such people are more likely to struggle with issues like poor verbal recall and subtraction, two cognitive skills commonly used in daily life.

Mitigate The Risks of Inflammation and Infection in The Body

Many health problems are found related to poor oral health. For instance, rheumatoid arthritis, which causes pain and inflammation in the joints is also linked with gum diseases. Experts explain that the mechanism of degeneration of connective tissues is similar in both diseases and can be interlinked.

Help Manage Blood Sugar

Diabetes takes a toll on your body’s ability to fight infection which is why it poorly responds to oral infections as well. This establishes a clear association between the two ailments. The relation is two-way between them, meaning, chronic gum diseases can also lead to poor management of blood sugar levels.

Keep The Baby to Terms During Pregnancy

Again there is a bi-directional link between oral issues and pregnancy issues such as preterm and low-birth-weight infants. While not all studies advocate the link between oral diseases and these health issues, there is substantial clinical evidence that affirms the relation and emphasizes maintaining oral health for good overall health.