What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a term used for a customized aligner that is prescribed for a particular duration of time depending on how severe the misalignment is. They can be used for varied durations anywhere between six months to two years or maybe even longer which entirely depends on how long it takes to correct the misalignment. An Invisalign is very similar to a dental or mouth retainer the purpose of which is to keep teeth in place without letting it shift. This technique is a popular orthodontic treatment that is trusted with moving and properly aligning your teeth to give you the perfect smile. The clear aligner has to be generated from a computer using an impression or mold of the patient’s mouth which will either be collected by the orthodontist or dentist. The custom made piece will be modeled on the unique shape of each person’s mouth and hence the fitting will also be unique. You can consult at harmonydentists.com/services/porcelain-veneers for your aligner.

Prior to the year 1997, the only way your teeth could be straightened was with braces. While for kids the colored rubber brands used to be quite an attraction when it came to braces, it hardly served as an excitement for the adults. It did not matter if the braces were exactly the color of their teeth or the attachment lay on the inside of the tooth, adults could not be enthusiastic about getting braces. But the breakthrough happened in the year 1997 when Align Technology, a company revealed their product Invisalign which with the help of a series of clear aligners could move the teeth. They named this Invisalign which is an orthodontic system that consists of a number of plastic shells. These plastic shells fit around the teeth perfectly and being transparent helps this orthodontic system go completely unnoticed. If you think about it, the term “Invisalign” signifies the essence of this intelligent technique which combines the word ‘invisible’ and ‘align’ to indicate what it is used for an invisible mechanism to align your teeth.

Most items that are purchased at retail stores are surrounded by a packaging of thermoformed plastic. This plastic will have the exact same shape and size as the product that it is wrapped around but it is thin enough to go unnoticed and give a clear view of the product. A sheet of plastic is heated to get this thin material and vacuum helps it take the shape of the mold and then the plastic is allowed to cool down. For a very long time now, a very similar kind of thermoforming technique to construct retainers that is able to hold teeth right after removing the braces. The teeth are used for a plaster model which is then covered by a thin plastic sheet by forming a vacuum. This is how Invisalign are made and used to fix misalignment. Emerging from the lap of modernity it is a totally new technique that is both simple and effective.