Women’s Health: Reasons Why Modern-Day Women Should Switch to Using Bidets

For women, maintaining a clean and healthy lady part is as essential as keeping the physical appearance look good. However, the traditional practice of using toilet paper to wipe one’s private area, especially in the West, makes it problematic. It is true particularly for the always-busy and career-driven modern-day women today who do not have time to watch over their health and want everything to be quick and straightforward.

Why Toilet Papers and Wipes Can’t Keep Your Privates Clean

The first viable commercial toilet paper began around the year of 1857, and during the year of 1879, Scott Paper was the leading company and distributor of the first rolled, splinter-free toilet wipes. The popularity of toilet paper among American has rooted from a British misconception: that bidets are associated with French sex workers. And since then, the habit of using toilet paper rather than water has stayed in American culture.

However, the use of toilet paper as a cleaning solution for one’s intimate part is a bad habit most folks still practice. And according to various studies, wiping the dirt away is not enough to thoroughly get rid of the harmful bacteria away, and unfortunately, the bacteria left can eventually germinate and can cause different urinary health problems, especially to women today.

The Popularity of Bidets

Bidets are bathroom fixtures commonly seen in the parts of Europe, Asia, and Middle-East. Using water as a cleanser instead of toilet wipes is a bathroom tradition many have been doing since time immemorial. However, this kind of practice is somewhat new and unusual especially in the different states of South and North America.

The first bidet is a standalone fixture placed beside the traditional toilet as a back up to wash one’s intimate area. But now, modern brondell bidet are both available with adjustable seats or a bidet toilet combination. This way, the person can do two things in one place. A more efficient and convenient home bathroom fixture every household should have.

How Bidets Can Help It Clean and Healthy

While a bidet, says the urologist David F. Kaufman, MD, is somewhat unnecessary for healthy men, its use is possibly meant particularly to women because of the remarkable health benefits it can provide. Here are the few reasons why:

  •    Women are most prone to UTI or Urinary Tract Infection because the bacterium that causes it usually is found in the vagina area. And toilet paper can only clean up the outside but not the inside. But through thorough water-base cleansing using a bidet, the germs can be flushed out to avoid it from germinating.
  •    The technology of modern bidets, according to Allen Kamrava, MD’s patients, is gentler to use than a toilet paper specifically for people who experience problems in the anal part. They say the water normalizes and helps in keeping the region feel clean and comfortable.
  •    Bidets are also helpful for folks who, more than often, have to use the toilet. It is true particularly for women who have irritable bowel syndrome. Water-base cleansing of genitals is also excellent for pregnant women since they are most prone to UTI.

Apart from the aid of toilet paper can provide, modern-day women need more than that to avoid common urinary health issues today. So as a solution, many well-known experts suggest switching to the comfort and benefits electronic bidets and bidets seats can give. After all, no one cleans his/her body using a toilet paper.