4 Proven Ways to Beat a Weight-Loss Plateau

You’ve probably been trying everything to improve your diet by eating healthy and doing regular exercises expecting your weight to go down but the scale won’t budge. You need not to worry since it is normal for weight to stall when losing weight. However, you can add a few tricks to your routine to get you back on track. Read on to find the recommended ways to keep you moving to your weight loss target.

Develop a positive mindset

The mind is a very powerful tool. You need to be positive and make a commitment to improve your health. You don’t want to lose ten pounds to fit into that beautiful gown for your wedding and then add the weight back on as soon as the wedding is over. This is easy by storing only healthy food in the refrigerator regardless of whether your family is dieting or not. Additionally, your personality has a lot of impact on your attitude towards foods. Know your habits and tailor them to your plan to avoid unproductive results. By having the recommended weight that fits your body build you lower the risk of developing health complications.

Come up with a diet plan

You can consult a dietician to know which foods you can take to lose weight. If you can’t afford one do not panic, there are different sites that offer different types of diet plans, all you have to do is find one that best suits your specifications. Consult with friends and family who have successfully lost weight, they will give you insight of what is required. You can also try the military diet which follows strict diet and lose up to ten pounds in a week. In addition to this you should exercise for at least 30 minutes daily to help in burning calories and fat. Doing aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, running and swimming is also fun, you cannot compare it to weight lifting.

Increase the amount of food you take

This doesn’t mean you eat a pasta bowl at all times. The idea behind eating more is to increase your calorie intake by eating the right foods. If you have been exercising a lot you notice you feel hungrier than usual. You can have six meals in a day in small portions, other than three meals in a day. This makes sure you don’t get too hungry reducing the likelihood of eating more than your plan prescribes. Eat diets formulated around high protein/low carb diet which is proven to quench hunger pangs. Foods rich in protein suppress ghrelin a hormone produced in the stomach that increases appetite.

Avoid stress and Alcohol

Stress often puts a stall on weight loss. Stress increases production of cortisol a stress hormone in the body which triggers food cravings. Too much of this hormone can make it difficult to lose weight. In addition, if your weight has stalled it’s probably because you consume a lot of alcohol which is known to suppress burning of fat. Reducing your intake of alcohol to reduce overeating.