How Beneficial Can Palo Santo Essential Oil Be For You?

How Beneficial Can Palo Santo Essential Oil Be For You?

There are numerous amazing advantages and uses of the incredible palo santo essential oil, including its very well-known traits to lower cancer risks, avert oxidative stress, eliminate inflammation, strengthen immune system, treat chronic pains, lower stress levels, heal skin, soothe nerve related disorders and ease depression.The Palo Santo essential oil is basically derived from the palo santo tree, which has a scientific name as Bursera graveolens and is native to the Central and South American region such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Unlike several other essential oils that are extracted different herbs and plants, palo santo tress are considered to be sacred by different cultures due to its historic significance of the tree’s wood in sacred traditions.In some countries, only the deadfall is allowed to be collected and later on processed for its oils and burned for rituals and ceremonies. The smoke of the burning wood beings a distinct scent and is believed to fend off all the evil spirits. But, through a steam refining process, the intense oils and resins can be extracted, which offer a broad range of health benefits.

The Amazing Uses and Benefits of Palo Santo Essential Oil

The Palo santo essential oil must be used by all those who have been suffering from nervous disorders, chronic disease, arthritis, sleep disorders, respiratory infections, colds and coughs, anxiety, depressions, high stress levels, muscle pains and aches, skin conditions and those who are at a very high risk of developing cancer.

  • Reduced Depression and Anxiety

The aromatic compounds in the palo santo essential oil directly affect the olfactory system in the body along with the limbic system in the brain, helping ease stress levels and induce relaxation. Aromatherapy is very effective for all those who suffer from inherent strain on the body and chronic stress that occurs as a result.

  • Skin Care

As we age, the elastin in your skin starts to break down, which leads to wrinkles and saggy skin, but with the use of palo santo essential oil you can easily inhibit the elastase enzyme, which are responsible for breaking down the elastin in our skin. The Glycerin Soap can certainly help stimulate the growth of new skin cells and minimize other signs of aging such as age spots and blemishes.

  • Improves Sleep

The amazingly sedative effects of the palo santo essential oil are very well recognized, so applying a very small amount of oil on your neck, chest or temples before bed can greatly help the brain to calm down and shit off. This can lead to restful and uninterrupted sleep, and a refreshed feeling in the morning.These incredible effects in human health are mainly the result of its very high limonene content and the lower levels of carvone and alpha-terpineol. These compounds have different immune-boosting, anti-mutagenic, relaxant, sedative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits that make this oil highly sought after.

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