Causes and Prevention of Warts


You are sure to be familiar with a little cauliflower on the skin. Warts destroy beauty and perfection of the skin. Sadly, many people see this as something that comes from frogs and toads. Reality check: they do not come from those amphibians. Instead, they come from viruses hailing from HPV or Human Papillomavirus.  Many kinds of warts can appear on the skin and you can catch them if you are not careful.

Main Causes

Many believe that you do not know that you have warts until you see it. As such, you should be very careful when interacting with your environment. Here are some of the main causes of warts so you can avoid them.

  • Close Contact. If you interact with people who have warts, you have a high chance of contracting the problem, too. This can even be transferred through the use of someone else’s pair of shoes. This can also occur if you use their towels and other private items. If you know What causes common warts then you should avoid them.
  • When you scratch a wart, you spread it to its immediate area. Stop scratching to avoid the spread.
  • Shaving legs and face. If you shave, you pick up particles in the hair or the skin that may have warts on it. This can easily be transferred to another part of the body if you are not careful. Make sure you dispose of the razors as soon as you use them. Use a disposable razor instead.
  • Biting the wart. Okay, so biting does not cure it. It does help ease the itch but it will cause you further problems. You will not want it to spread to your mouth.
  • Wet and damaged skin. If your feet are wet and you go to a public beach or pool, you have a higher risk of contracting warts. Make sure to ear flip-flops every time!

Prevention and treatment

Many treatments involve the use of the following items and procedures: