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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a kind of dentures. They are also an excellent alternative to missing teeth. The specialist dentist will determine if the patient needs a dental implant. Someone who fixes dental problems and receives dental implant values ​​his health and wants to restore his smile. Dental implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth. Special thanks to our co-author from dental implants North York for assisting us to write this article.

The base used in dental implant placement is made of titanium, which is why the cost and price of dental implants are high. This base is the same color as the teeth and is designed and made similar to the teeth. The dental implant must be designed and in a way that heals to the bone and becomes firm. After the healing period, the other part of the dental implant, such as the crown, must be connected to the base correctly and firmly. Therefore, in order to have a good dental implant, a professional and specialized dentist is needed.

What are the reasons for dental implants failure?

– Injuries to the dental implant

– Dental implant placement by non-specialists

– Poor oral hygiene, for example not brushing and flossing

– Non-uniform distribution of forces applied to the teeth and also the non-uniform distribution of implant prosthesis

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

– Long lifespan of dental implants compared to dentures and bridges

– Permanent solution if oral hygiene is observed

– Normality of dental implants

– Higher quality of dental implants

– Strength, comfort, and beauty of dental implants

– Easier eating and speaking with dental implants

– Improving the self-confidence as well as the appearance of the smile and face

One of the best advantages of dental implants is that they prevent bone loss. Even in cases that the patient suffers from bone loss, dental implants can be used. In this case, the dentist performs bone grafting to restore bone density. The dental implant does not damage the other natural teeth. You do not need to shave the natural teeth for dental implant placement. Besides, dental implants do not put too much pressure on other teeth. Dental implants strengthen the jawbone due to the attachment and fusion of the dental implant base to the jawbone.

Moreover, dental implants are more cost-effective than other methods because they are permanent solutions. The appearance of dental implants is similar to natural teeth. Also, their color matches the color of other natural teeth.

Who can benefit from dental implants?

Dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option for people who cannot eat easily with dentures. So, people who have lost their teeth and do not want to use dentures can receive dental implants. In some cases, the patient has lost his tooth but do not want their healthy teeth to be damaged or cut! In this case, dental implants are the best option. Dental implants can be used for those who want to have a new tooth that is similar to their natural teeth. It should be noted that all people who have completed the development of their teeth and do not want to use dentures or bridge, can use dental implants.