Four Benefits of Touch Therapy

Touch therapy is a class of alternative medicine that also includes the practices of acupuncture and Reiki. In a typical touch session, the practitioner goes on to place his or her hands over the patient’s body carefully avoiding contact and performs several techniques meant to re-energize and rebalance the patient’s energy. Touch therapy is gaining massive popularity in the West because of its useful results.

What kind of useful results, you ask? Well, speaking in general, this treatment can help you in dealing with asthma, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, headaches, thyroid problems, and even stroke.

The four key benefits of touch therapy

  1. Treating dementia: Using touch therapy can be of a lot of benefit to people who have dementia, as a study found in 2009. The research involved and 65 nursing home residents having dementia, each of whom was assigned to one of these three groups:
  • Therapeutic touch group that involved touch therapy delivered on the neck and shoulders, twice daily for three days
  • A sham version of the touch therapy group
  • The group that received only routine care

After analyzing the findings, the researchers determined that the group that was given touch therapy experienced reduced restlessness in comparison to those who received routine care and sham treatment.

  1. Treating Osteoarthritis: Touch therapy may also help patients having osteoarthritis by easing the pain. In a test done in 1998, the researchers assigned a total of 25 patients having osteoarthritis in the knee with touch therapy, a sham treatment, and standard care. The results revealed that the people who received the therapy of touch experienced far greater results than those who received sham and standard care.

As a result, the members who were subjected to touch therapy reported significantly less pain and dysfunction.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome: In a study that took place in 2001, researchers found that touch therapy helped 21 people with carpal tunnel syndrome than a placebo treatment. Like in all other researchers, here too the participants underwent treatment in either a touch therapy-based group or a make-believe version of the therapy. The treatment was administered once a week and continued for six consecutive weeks.

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  1. Anxiety and pain related to biopsy: In a research of 2007, 82 women who were undergoing biopsy for suspicious breast lesions were assigned to receive either touch therapy or sham treatment. The results became very clear in a short while as it was found that touch therapy had better effects on anxiety or discomfort than the sham treatment.


Even though mainstream medical science is yet to credit the advantages of touch therapy, this treatment has gone miles ahead in affecting people’s lives. What’s even better is that alternative medicine therapies do not cost as much as traditional medicine procedures. The best way to find out about its effectiveness is to try it out by yourself.