Is It Possible For You To Boost Your Shoulder Press?

As you start hitting the gym, it is imperative to ensure that you are not overlooking your shoulder and back training. Having properly developed shoulders and a lean back will not only make your physique aesthetically pleasing, but can also help provide functional strength that comes in helpful on a routine basis.

One of the key workouts you will want to do be doing here is the shoulder press and dumbbells workout for back. And if you are stuck at weight lifting, there are some vital tips you should consider to get through it.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Opt for the Barbell Press – If you have been already working on dumbbell shoulder press for as long as you can recall, it perhaps be the time when you should be focusing on doing a barbell shoulder press instead. Oftentimes, by simply switching over to new workout equipment can kick-start your outcomes, getting you through one point.

shoulder-saving-bench-press-1508949048.jpg (480×305)

Likewise, the reverse holds to be true. If you have been working on dumbbell press for a while, consider having barbell press instead.

  • Focus more On Building A Mind-Muscle Connection – You should start focusing on building a ‘mind-muscle’ connection. Ask yourself, when you lift a weight, are you considering pressing it up through your shoulders? Or your primary concern is to get the weight up?

If it is the latter, you are not targeting your muscles right. Try decreasing the weights and focus more on pressing it with your shoulders. You should feel them fatiguing as you proceed with the lift. Once you do this, you will gradually feel your muscles getting stronger, allowing you to lift more weight.

  • Drop Sets Work Wonders! This is another move that can help you get through a training plateau. Drop sets allow you to do one set at your average weight, and upon reaching the fatigue point, you will then drip the weight, performing another set. You can repeat the process if you want to.

Shoulder-Press-STACK.jpg (654×368)

This technique will help you train your body in a way that it will be able to tolerate fatigue. It will allow you to push harder on straight sets while you are using heavier weights. This is an intense training session; nevertheless, you must not attempt doing it in every single workout.

Keep these aspects in mind as you hit the gym for your back and shoulder workout. Do not let frustration get the best out of you in case you are not able to get to the next weight level.