Tailored Vitamins, Tailored Nutrition

Tailored Vitamins, Tailored Nutrition

How Personalized Are Tailored Vitamins?

Beyond the questions of ingredient quality, manufacturing process and evading vitamin toxicity, how do you know if your tailored vitamins are truly personalised for you? Can it be that an algorithm really knows precisely what nutrients you require, how much of them, and when?

That what we marvel at when we take one of these lifestyle surveys and the website opens up to an incredibly thorough report that demonstrates us which nutrients we might be missing and which we get enough of, all depending on the answers to apparently straightforward questions, such as, “How often do you work out every week?”

As per a specialist, certified in functional medicine and ayurveda, even though we can make a few generalised statements regarding out vitamin requirements, “Optimising health necessitates tailored nutrition – types, preparation, quantity, timing and mindfulness of food – and proper digestion, absorption, and usage of what has been consumed.”

This all relies on much more than the raw materials consumed by an individual.

Our nutrients needs differ extensively by age, level of activity and life situation. Our bodies have to be capable of focusing on extremely dissimilar physical challenges. The years the experts sat at a desk studying in graduate school required a lot of brain support but not much muscular support.

Women with heavier periods need more iron. The ones with occupational exposure to heavy metals require more detoxification micronutrients. Every person has dissimilar nutritional requirements, and even if you can make out your ideal diet at this particular moment, this moment soon transforms and your needs modify, as well.

In that sense, it is not possible for any supplement regimen – even a tailored nutrition – to be your everlastingly course of therapy. It is also the reason companies are popping up in addition to personalised vitamin companies.

Companies that offer DNA analyses or blood testing in addition to a survey theoretically do a better job at modifying your supplement and vitamin packs. Even if that is the route you go, though, the specialists at Alyve say that most important is to try and stay tuned in with your body.