Try Out These 9 Fun-Filled Mother-Daughter Date Ideas


The bond between a mother and daughter is special. A mom is more likely to understand where her daughter is coming from when faced with a problem, as she could imagine herself in her daughter’s shoes. Also, a daughter sees her mom as her first best friend and first role model.

Sometimes, this relationship can wobble. Life, for instance, gets busy, and the mother-daughter bond fades or weakens with time.

If you can’t remember the last time you bonded with your mom, you’ll want to take the time out of your busy schedule and go on a mother-daughter date. These frequent bonding moments can help strengthen your relationship together during times of miscommunication.

Not sure what activities you and your mom can do? Try out these suggestions:

Take a Relaxing Stroll

Getting a breath of fresh air is a great idea, especially if the pandemic has forced you to stay at home. If your area doesn’t have lockdown restrictions, explore your town or city by taking a walk at a local park.

You could also go on a hike at a nearby state park. Just remember to pack a first aid kit, bottled water and a map. Also, don’t forget to put on top-quality hunting boots, like LaCrosse or hiking footwear, like Danner, so that you’ll have the traction and stability needed while trekking through the woods.

Give Your Childhood Room a Makeover

Chances are that the room in your mom’s house remains unchanged from your teenage years. If this space has seen better days, you could team up with your mom to change the appearance or interior design of this room.

Come up with a budget of how much you’d like to spend for your room makeover. Then, hit up your favorite home goods store. Joining your mom in this home improvement project is a great way to spend quality time with your mom.

Go on a Professional Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot

Taking selfies with your mom is ok, but the pictures sometimes can’t fully capture the beauty of your bond together. If you have the budget, hire a professional photographer or recruit a friend with excellent photography skills. The memories you share in those perfectly captured photos are sure to last for a lifetime.

Decorate with Flowers

Purchasing and picking up a pre-arranged flower bouquet is ideal for people who are short on time, but this doesn’t beat making a flower arrangement of your own. Take your mom to the local florist or grocer and buy seasonal flowers. Then, create an authentic and beautiful flower arrangement that will breathe life into the kitchen and living room.

Go on a Picnic

A picnic at your local park or an uncrowded beach is the perfect activity when the weather is nice and clear. Preparing for this activity is simple: grab a blanket and a picnic basket, pack your home-cooked meals and pick a nice picnic spot.

Whip up a Fancy Dinner in the Kitchen

If you’re not the outdoorsy type or the weather isn’t ok, you and your mom can cook up nice homemade meals in the kitchen. Prepare whatever dishes you like and share the cooking techniques you’ve learned in the past few years. Once you’ve finished cooking up the meals, set the table and enjoy a simple dinner with your mom.

Start a Garden in the Backyard

Team up together and create a small garden filled with various types of flowers and plants. Begin this project by visiting a plant nursery. Next, find and buy seeds that you and your mom would like to plant in the backyard. Then, plant the seeds you’ve purchased and water them regularly.

Whether you decide on a small herb garden, a colorful vegetable garden or a butterfly garden, you and your mom will enjoy seeing your plants grow and thrive.

Take a Class Together

Enrolling in a class together is another great way to spend quality time with your mom. Think of this activity as a regular, scheduled event when you can connect and learn together.

You can take whatever class you want. You and your mom, for instance, could learn how to cook, draw, paint, sew and craft decorations that you can proudly display in a living room.

Volunteer Somewhere

Helping others together goes beyond strengthening the mother-daughter connection. This activity is an opportunity to help people who are not as fortunate in life as you are.

You have plenty of community activity options that you and your mom can do. A few examples include serving dinner to homeless people at a soup kitchen, reading books to children at a public library and setting up flowers at a nearby church.

These nine mother-daughter date ideas are a fun and excellent way to grow and strengthen your bond. Whether these dates are spontaneous or scheduled, the important thing is you make time to meet and catch up with your mom.