What are the Best E-Liquids Available in the UK?


The E liquids play an integral part in the vaping process and an elite range of vape juice can make a day. There are umpteen brands of E liquids available in the market boasting to be the best. However, the dilemma arises for the vapers to choose the best from the expansive catalogue offered by each. This write-up will help to decide about the best E liquids and to pick the flavour in accordance to the liking of an individual. Tobacco is an all-time favourite especially for the former smokers hence there is a huge collection of tobacco e liquids with lot of unique flavours to accommodate individual’s need. There is also an assortment and array of other flavours such as menthol based vape juices which are predominant in UK since the menthol cigarettes have been banned. The fruity collection offers the exotic conglomeration of fruits that satisfy the sweet tooth yearnings.

The most popular of all is the tobacco collection and the largest following is of the brand Naked which brings two amazing flavours Euro gold and American Tobacco E liquid. Euro gold is a combination of tobacco with the hint of honey which makes it a strikingly bold combination. The flavour does not provide a harsh throat hit but a smooth and satisfying experience. American tobacco flavour satiates the taste bud and brings a sensational experience to the vaper. It comes in the ratio of 65/35 VG/PG ratio which is enjoyed thoroughly by the cloud chasers.

What are the Best E-Liquids Available in the UK?

The next in line is the delectable menthol E liquid range which is quickly catching up with the vapers as it provides a cool and refreshing vape experience and at the same time tantalize the taste buds with the combo of exotic fruity flavours which is enough to satisfy the sweet cravings. IVG is a reputable brand which offers a lot of menthol-based flavours such as kiwi cool which is a fusion of luscious kiwi and tangy lemon and layered with the icy mint. Blueburg burst is a fusion of ripened berries with the mint flavour for a smooth cool vaping.

What are the Best E-Liquids Available in the UK?

The Nic salts E liquids are becoming popular with the vapers as they are available with the different nicotine strengths to satisfy the nicotine cravings. They are paired with distinctive flavours to enhance the vaping experience. The Nic salts offered by Double Drip come with lot of flavour enhancements which can satiate the yearnings and at the same time allow them to choose the flavour according to the mood. The brand comes with lot of exotic flavours such as Lemon Sherbet with tantalizing lemon and sweet Sherbet in an economical  10ml capacity and 20 mg Nicotine strength. Menthol mist is another divine flavour and well desired by the vapers as it is a fusion of peppermint and menthol for a soothing and relaxing vape experience with 50:50 VG/PG ratio.

In the present scenario the vaping industry is flushed with lot of E liquids and it has been seen that the vendors make lot of variations to the original flavours

And hence distort the quality of the vape juice turning the whole vaping experience into a trauma. Premium E liquid undergoes a rigorous standard of checking where the quality of each bottle is checked and is ensured that each bottle retains the same original flavour and consistency of taste. Though the vapers might have to shell out extra money but can be rest assured that they can enjoy the vaping experience to the maximum without compromising on the quality of the vape juice.