What is Nuru Massage & How Does It Work?

What is Nuru Massage & How Does It Work?

This supernatural erotic practice involves the entire body, the name “Nuru” translates as “particularly smooth” or “slippery”. The essence of the erotic interaction is that both partners slide back and forth on each other. It is about feeling your partner’s naked body as intensely as possible. That alone ensures a lot of arousal potential. If you like, you can let the slippery foreplay culminate in sex with your partner.

Nuru massage is a so-called body-to-body massage, which means that you massage with full body and not just with your hands. This is why both the massage recipient and the person giving the massage are completely naked during Japanese massage.

Nuru massage can be performed and received by both a woman and a man. Hands, stomach, legs, feet, and breasts are used for massaging, which is what makes Nuru massage so erotic. Often erotic actions flow into the massage or it is used as intense foreplay. However, that is only the method, but not a declared goal. The Nuru massage is about stress relief, relaxation, and enjoyment.

How does Nuru Massage begin?

In order for both bodies to be fully utilized, you do not need a classic massage oil for the Nuru massage, but a special massage gel – the Nuru gel. It is made from seaweed, contains no artificial additives, and is also colorless, tasteless, and odorless. It is available in adult specialist stores or in online shops.

Therefore, it is not really noticeable except that it pulls thin threads when the bodies move. Nevertheless, an old sheet should be placed underneath in preparation, as the erotic Nuru massage only really gets going if there is enough lubricant on the body. Thus, unfortunately, it also goes on the bed.

Short List of Required Items for Nuru Massage

In order to receive maximum satisfaction and pleasure, it is very important to have the right mood. It is recommended to plan such a Nuru session in advance and prepare all the needed items.

  • Two people;
  • Special Nuru gel;
  • Air mattress is better as it is easier to clean, but a prepared bed with blankets is also enough;
  • Appropriate room temperature;
  • Relaxing and erotic music;
  • Turn off any devices with notifications.

In case you would like to enjoy a Nuru massage with a professional masseuse, you may visit various parlors in your area, for instance, SweetTouch in Valencia.

How to Do Nuru Massage Right

Instead of the good old massage hedgehog, only your own body is allowed as a tool in the Nuru massage. It is best if the man lies on his back first and then slowly drizzles the lubricant. Then the woman glides millimeter by millimeter over the wet body of her partner, twisting rhythmically back and forth. Body contact can be more intense in the erogenous zones and gentle pressure can be applied.

Meanwhile, the man massages the woman’s breasts. If desired, he uses his finger skills in other parts of the body. The slippery touches all over the body are only a bit strange at the beginning. Later on, the couple discovered completely new techniques, allowing their bodies to play and pure pleasure in lust.

However, if you cannot stand it anymore because of excitement, you rock and slide until you have an act of love, in which both partners are guaranteed to orgasm. The aim of the Nuru is to feel the body of your partner as completely as possible and thus to come to particularly intense feelings.