Why Is Stress Management Important for Students?

Why Is Stress Management Important for Students?

As a teenager, you are probably not too concerned about stress support. Stress doesn’t affect you all that much, does it? Wrong! Stress is actually a very big problem for teens, and it can significantly impact their school performance, as well as their health.

Stress management techniques are crucial to keeping from going through the worst stress in life. They can help students remain calm when they might be feeling quite the opposite or find creative solutions when they are stuck in an unproductive cycle of negativity. These techniques can also target specific triggers in order to produce a long-term effect on the brain’s chemistry and performance levels. Here are some advantages of stress management for students.

1. Stress Management Can Help Prevent Depression

Depression is a mental illness that affects more than one in every ten people, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. People who suffer from this illness also have low productivity, lack of motivation, and very high levels of anxiety. According to the English Psychiatric Association, 13% of adults are stricken with depression at any time during their lifetime. Stress management is a great way to prevent depression as it helps keep away anxiety and depression-causing hormones. Stress management techniques can also help students feel better about themselves and improve their self-image, which helps them avoid depression.

2. Stress Management Can Help Promote Good Grades

Stress can seriously affect the grades of students. It reduces the time available for studying, causes difficulty concentrating, impairs memory and induces mood swings, according to an article written by Kate Greene. Stress management techniques help students maintain their motivation level and stay focused on their studies.

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3. Stress Management Can Relieve Excessive Anxiety

Anxiety is a type of stress that comes from everyday situations that are not urgent or concerning. This kind of stress can cause nervousness, nervous breakdowns, heart palpitations, and insomnia, which makes everyday tasks very difficult to accomplish. Stress management helps students learn how to control their anxiety levels so they do not succumb to unnecessary medical attention.

4. Stress Management Can Prevent The Onset Of Mental Disorders

Stress management can prevent the onset of mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. By learning how to manage stress, teens are less stressed, more productive and less likely to experience a mental disorder in the future.

5. Stress Management Can Increase Creativity

The human brain has three parts: a rational part, an emotional part and a creative part that works together to achieve tasks in everyday life. According to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, stress causes the rational part of the brain (neocortex) to shut down and shifts activity to the emotional part (limbic system) and the creative part (dopamine system). The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls emotions, pleasure and fear. Therefore, when students manage their stress, their creativity is increased.

Bottom Line

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