Work With Us For Your Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturing

You want to bring health to your customers around the world, and we want to support you in that goal. That is why we offer dietary supplement contract manufacturing. We are a GMP-certified contract manufacturer of capsules, powders, and liquids for the dietary supplements and personal healthcare industries.

We are committed to helping reduce costs and increase turnaround times for private label and custom contract liquid manufacturing. We are based in Orange County, CA, and we’re not far from the ports of Los Angeles and other quick shipping methods. When you partner with us, we will create and produce your tailored supplements with ingredients that have been quality-sourced and -tested. You can rely on the high-quality of our ingredients and the end products we produce.

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We can work with businesses of different sizes. Even if you’re a start-up that wants to produce low minimum runs at a cost you can afford, we can make sure that your product is produced brilliantly and shipped off to you to distribute to your customers. We also work with medium-sized companies that want to scale up. We are in it for the long haul with each of our clients, and we build a solid relationship with each one, no matter their size, and we love to be with each one as they grow.

We stay up to date on all of the regulatory requirements that have a tendency to change regularly in the health supplement industry, so you can depend on us to make sure that your products meet the requirements for selling and distribution to the public.

We can create custom formulas and provide research and development services as well. We also perform design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket services. We also do order fulfillment for vitamin and supplement orders, such as product warehousing, drop shipping, and tracking. Additionally, we can print your labels for you right here at our California facility.

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When you need dietary supplement contract manufacturing, give us a call to meet with one of our representatives to discuss how we can help you. We will work with you each step of the way, communicating each process and requirement. We work to give you the best possible price on the manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and shipping of your products. We look forward to working with you to help improve the health of your customers.