18 Shake Review: Does It Work as You Expect To Be?


18 shake was introduced to markets worldwide as a potential and able meal replacement shake which clinched the top spot as the best diet shake of the year 2017. Unlike most others, 18 shake is completely natural in terms of ingredients. It uses no preservatives, added colors or artificial flavors whatsoever making it an effective as well as the most dependable product till date. Speaking of dependability, the company also provides a 30 day money back guarantee for the product if the customer is not satisfied with it. The product is available in two different flavors, vanilla and chocolate to suite the tastes of different customers.

So now that you have a brief idea about the product and what it does, let’s go deeper into analyzing and reviewing the product.

18shake Quality of Ingredients

So let’s first take a look at the ingredients of these potential meal replacement shakes. The shake when researched was found to have useful proteins (whey protein) and amino acids. This makes it easy to digest and in addition to this, it makes our immune systems stronger and healthier.

The sugar intake per serving of 18shake is only about 1 gram. As you can see, this is an extremely low value when compared to the other similar drinks available to us. Usually shake and drinks of this sort are added with a lot of sugar which only adds to the taste. It does not benefit our health or metabolism, rather it causes undesirable effects. Stevia is an efficient replacement for sugar which can provide the required sweetness with lesser effect on our health.

The shake is also a good source of fiber to the body. It is also proven to facilitate the production of some fluids inside our body which can favor the good bacteria and its functions. All these give us benefits such as healthy digestion and appetite suppression.

18shake Ingredients and Side Effects

It contains amino acids which are essential ingredients for our body and enhances much of the regular body processes. These amino acids are mainly supplied by the protein contained in the product. Mostly it is whey protein which is nutritious that most other proteins. It can serve better muscle growth while facilitation gradual weight loss. So it is not juts fat loss that we get from the drink but also some strong and developed muscles.

All these ingredients can make our body healthier and resistant to dangerous diseases. With such high nutrient and vitamin supply various deficiency diseases are also kept at bay. These ingredients also nurture the favorable bacteria in our body aiding much of its processes. The sweeteners added are also of less sugar content and hence healthier.

The Price and Quality of 18shake

18shake when purchased as a single unit costs exactly $59.99. The company offers discounts and lower rates on purchase of multiple units.  

The price is quite reasonable when we take in to consideration the safety and benefits that these product promises. Both macro and micronutrients present in these shakes are proven to supply to your body health requirements while enhancing its processes. The 15 gram protein content, 90 grams of calories, 18 kinds of vitamins and minerals all combined in a single drink would surely provide enough energy that lasts throughout the day. The sugar content is also extremely low at about 1 gram per serving making it a healthier and safer drink as well.

Thus a single intake of 18shake can provide benefits of preventing hunger, enhancing body muscle development and aid in significant weight loss.

Business of 18shake

18shake is a product of the well respected company, 18nutrition that has a rich lineage and reputation of catering to the health needs to customers for years. For this unique product of theirs, they provide a 30 day replacement guarantee to the customers without charging even a small fee. The contact details for further queries are given below:

Phone Number: (800) 614-1820

Address: 600 W 9th street Los Angeles, CA 90015

Email: [email protected]

You can also visit their website and get answers to all your questions from the FAQ section provided.

The company is famous for maintaining a quality relationship with all its customers worldwide and has no complaints reported against them till date. You can also check the internet to further validate this statement.

Customer Opinions of 18shake

With some research on the internet, I was able to develop a clear picture on how customers have accepted the product and how satisfied they are with the service. In light of certified customer reviews from top websites and online market places, the customer does seem very satisfied with the product. They often describes as it having a very appealing taste with a good effect in terms of weight loss and nutrient supply. Given below are the exact words posted by customers:

“This product is superior to any I have tried as it has no harmful additives to sweeten it such as aspartame or Sucralose.”

“Keeps me full and satisfied for much of the morning”

Conclusion – Does 18shake Work?

All these customer reviews show that the product was chosen as the best diet drink of the year for some legit reasons. It has been proven to be completely natural with no dangerous chemicals or additives. It also caters well to our health requirements and helps reduce weight and undesirable fat. All these benefits in addition to the good nutrients, vitamins, mineral and protein content make the drink the best potential meal replacement voted my many.

The brand 18nutrition is also a great plus point when it comes to this product. The company is a well reputed one and has never failed to satisfy its customers with the superior services they provide. As usual, the company also provides a detailed listing of every ingredient and its quantity that has gone in towards developing the product.  

So the product as a whole is pretty much a perfect health intake for us customers with the likeable taste and the best supply of nutrition.