Understanding Open MRIs With Akumin

Magnetic resonance imaging (better known as MRIs) is a medical imaging method of getting detailed and accurate pictures of the anatomy and what is going on inside of the body in both health and disease. MRIs mostly magnetic fields, radio waves, and field gradients to capture the images desired of a certain part of the body. More advanced centers like Akumin’s are adopting open MRI practices which are more friendly for the end user. Any patients are more likely to feel comfortable and enjoy their MRI experience as opposed to closed MRI experiences or even CT scans, x-rays, and other forms of scanning. Luckily, MRI’s do not involve x-rays which mean that there is not radiation like there is for CAT scans and x-rays. MRI does not involve x-rays, which distinguishes it from CT or CAT scans. MRIs are a form of nuclear resonance which is also why the image is much more detailed as opposed to other imaging and scanning methods.

Akumin physicians are proud of their open MRI services and their advance technologies because it reduces the hazardous environment of radiation. They are now well-controlled but they can still be harmful with any slight exposure. It can be especially concerning for the physicians that are constantly administering the x-rays. That’s why even when an x-ray is necessary, Akumin physicians may still administer an MRI for their safety as well (given the same results of course). MRI’s are now used at a wide range of clinics, hospitals, and centers becoming a universally safe way of obtaining images of the body. However, most of these places still do not have open MRI’s.

To learn more about the emotional and physical benefits of open MRI’s, contact Akumin using the link above today. You will not regret choosing Akumin for your scanning and imaging procedures. They are working with the best trained physicians in the country.