Some Best Exercises to Maintain Your Health and Fitness Fit in Your 50s


Staying fit in the 50s is can be a little intimidating if your idea of exercise is just about heart pounding and high energy workout. There is more likely that you’d like to go for a mild exercise that includes stretching and more. According to recent research, there is more than one exercise during the day that has a vital effect on health such as gardening or vacuuming, etc.

The best thing at this age is to keep yourself motivated for a workout is to join a fitness class. It has many health benefits, but it is also a great opportunity to meet people of your age group for socializing as well. As you cross half-millennium there has to be more than just a regular workout to keep you regular in the exercise. Make sure to get yourself a proper workout costume for this exercise. Mostly workouts for above 50 or more years of age are thrice or on alternate days. Make sure to find activities that will help them in staying motivated and active and also will have an impact on the body. The best of all exercises has to be that falls within the parameters of cardiovascular workout. If you want to be independent and vibrant for decades to come then a few exercises are a must for you to stay actively fit.

Let’s talk about a few exercises that will help in maintaining and building joint muscles. Here are a few exercises for strengthening joints and muscles for 50 plus age people.

Basic Squats:

Being in the early 50s squatting isn’t something you should be afraid of. This form of squatting will help in making and maintaining the lower abdomen, knees, and legs. This form of exercise is considered one of the most reliable in terms of other exercises.

The basic form of squat can be easily done by standing tall while keeping your feet hip-distance apart. While the hips, toes, and knees are facing forward, keep the back straight aligned with the buttocks while bending your knees, posing like you’re sitting on a chair. Slowly stand up and come back in the same position to make one rep.

Shoulder Press:

This is yet another very basic exercise that involves strengthening shoulder muscles and joints. If you’re not working out for the first time then you might have done this exercise before. Stand with your back straight and your feet at hip-distance apart. Raise the arms holding dumbbells above the shoulders. Then slowly press the dumbbells upwards with straight arms and back. The weight of the dumbbells has to be considerate not more than 4 pounds or 2 Kilos so that it doesn’t stress the joint with a lot of weight.

Hamstring Bridge with Single Leg:

The hamstring bridge strengthens hip and front thigh muscles and some part of the shoulder/chest muscles. The best part about this exercise is that it puts the right amount of pressure on the joints that help in the process of muscle development in the 50s as well as to develop the right posture for daily routine. This exercise can be performed by lying on the back and bending the knees and flat feet on the matt or the floor. Lift the hips off the surface making a bridge shape by putting the upper thighs and the abdominal in a straight line. Then lift one leg slowly straight at 90 degrees and back. Do the same step with the other leg by staying in the same position.

Bird Dog Exercise:

This exercise requires kneeling on both hands and knees. Make sure to keep your back as straight as possible. Lift the left arm straight aligning it with the head position and the right leg straight with the hip. Try not to bend the knees once you align the leg straight. Do this posture for at least 4 to 5 minutes and then do the same action with the right hand and left leg for another 5 minutes. This workout will not just enable you to burn more calories for weight loss as well but also move and strengthen the core and back joints as well.

It is more preferred to join a proper class with an instructor to perform these exercises especially for those who are working on this exercise for the first time.