Popular Kinds of Oral Surgeries among Patients

Popular Kinds of Oral Surgeries among Patients

Almost the name of oral surgery is formidable for most patients, and everyone tries to avoid any oral surgery as well as possible. But contrary to popular belief, oral surgeries are done straightforwardly and in a painless way because of huge developments in different dentistry fields. There is nothing to afraid of because you won’t experience any pain as your professional dental surgeon will make you completely numb at the intended area. Your dental disorder will be solved after the oral surgery but be sure that your experienced dentist suggests you the best possible treatment according to your need. According to a professional surgeon with years of experience in Oral surgery in New Westminster, many patients avoid having oral surgery. However, it’s incumbent to confront further severe dental problems, making their oral situation worse and more painful.  Before your emergency dentist determine whether you are a candidate for dental surgery or not, you are referred to a professional oral surgeon to examine your situation and dental problems. So you will be thoroughly checked to see what kind of dental surgery is suitable for you. Here we list the most common types of oral surgeries to make you familiar with this field.

Bone grafting: This surgery is obligatory when the patient doesn’t have an adequate jawbone to improve the treatment. As a professional dentist who performs oral surgery in North York claims, lack of jawbone will lead to lost teeth or weakened ones or cause severe problems when the patients want to have dental implants.

Wisdom tooth extraction: people usually have their teeth extracted easily for many different reasons or problems. However, usually, the extraction which requires oral surgery is wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are those which are placed in the back bottom and top corners of your mouth. You may experience growing your wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 25 in different shapes. Suppose your wisdom teeth are categorized to the impacted ones. In that case, they usually lead to dental infections and other dental emergencies, which force you to have urgent oral surgery to extract them.

Installation of dental implants: dental implants are one of the most popular treatments to replace missing teeth. Your oral surgeon should implant a metal post in your jawbone to make it combined with your gum and jawbone. Remember that you may necessitate bone grafting surgery if your jawbone isn’t adequate to receive dental implants. After all these necessary steps, your oral surgeon will install your dental implants to return your shiny smile.


Reconstructive surgery: damages to your face, especially the mouth area, can happen for many different reasons and accidents. Your oral surgeon will categorize these kinds of damages to soft tissues injuries and fractures. The first group includes dental traumas related to your skin, cheek, gum, and tongue. And the second one consists of any harm to your jawbone and teeth. A professional oral surgeon can fix these kinds of dental traumas to restore your face’s beauty.

Remember choosing a proper oral surgeon who is thoroughbred and adept is the most crucial case to obtaining the eligible result.