Guide on the Importance of Orthodontics


When kids are growing up, some of the adult teeth can end up growing crooked. As a result, you don’t have a nice row of straight teeth. However, there is nothing to be worried about it since they can be treated by wearing orthodontic braces. If you are interested in orthodontics, you will have to visit a dentist clinic in your neighborhood to customize a set of orthodontic braces for your teeth.

Orthodontics for Children

Orthodontic treatment should be started at a young age. The brace can only be introduced after most of the adult teeth have grown. Not every child needs to wear braces. Children that have perfectly straight teeth don’t need to wear braces. Through regular dental checkups, the parents can learn whether their kids need braces. Some signs tell you to need to see the orthodontist for orthodontic treatment. For example, when you are eating, you frequently make the accident of biting your cheeks. Your jaw is making noises when you are eating.


Crowding is one of the most common reasons that parents decide to get braces for their children. Crowding is when the teeth grow in a bunch so that there is little room left in the mouth. Crowding can be worsened when the child becomes older. When it worsens, your child will have a problem performing basic oral hygiene tasks. Certain areas of the teeth will be difficult to brush. If the teeth are not brushed properly, it will be likely to accumulate plaque and develop all kinds of issues like gum disease and tooth decay. No matter how crowded the teeth have grown, they can be corrected with braces. It is important to start the orthodontic treatment as soon as you learn about the problem.

Abnormal Bites

Many people also suffer from abnormal bites which can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Overbite is when the upper front teeth surpass the lower front teeth so that there is a small space in between. Not correcting overbite will make the front teeth vulnerable to trauma. It can also reduce the lifespan of dental treatments like crowns. Crossbite is when one or more of the lower from teeth is over the upper front teeth. Crossbite that is left untreated will cause problems such as gum recession, abnormality of the jaws, and teeth wearing out fast. Open bite is when the upper and lower teeth don’t touch when you close the mouth. An open bite can lead to speech problems like lisps. It can also create problems in biting.

How Will Orthodontic Treatment Help Your Child?

importance of orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment will correct the teeth to make them function properly. One of the advantages of orthodontic treatment is that it allows you to maintain an attractive smile. Maintaining an attractive smile is an outward sign of good health. It helps the person to have better self-confidence and self-esteem due to the improved appearance. Straight teeth reduce the risk of developing gum problems. It eliminates the problem of biting, chewing, and speech.

Where Did Orthodontic Problems Come From?

Orthodontic problems can be inherited from parents. It can also be acquired through thumb and finger sucking or poor dental hygiene. The inherited orthodontic condition can also become more serious through bad habits. Seeing a dentist for orthodontic treatment is the best solution as the teeth will not straighten out on its own as the child grow older.