Understanding Individual Dental Plans Long Island NY


Dental insurance is among the most popular benefits for Americans. According to a recent national survey, more than half of the American population has dental insurance, and most of them receive coverage through group or employer programs. However, individual discount dental plans Long Island NY are on the rise. According to NADP, at the end of 2016, 7.2 percent of Americans had purchased individual dental plans.

Why are Individual Dental Plans Long Island NY Becoming Popular?

Due to the recent federal health care reforms and the increasing healthcare costs, most Americans without employer-sponsored plans are looking for individual dental insurance alternatives.

Types of Individual Dental Plans Long Island NY

Dental insurance is often offered in three forms, but there is a fourth non-insurance alternative. The type of plan you choose will depend on your individual situation.

Dental HMO

If you opt for a dental health maintenance organization (HMO), your insurance will only pay for dental services that you receive from network dentists. This is the least expensive option and can be a great choice in case your dentist is part of the network. However, if you travel frequently or your dentist is outside the network, you will find HMOs to be too restrictive.

Dental PPO

Dental preferred provider organization is less restrictive compared to HMOs. You can choose a dentist regardless of whether they are part of the network. However, you will pay less if you use an in-network dentist.

Dental Indemnity

While this can be a good plan if you travel frequently or if your dentist isn’t part of the network, it is the most expensive type of individual dental plans Long Island NY. With this plan, you can visit your preferred dentist providing that your dentist will accept your insurance. Most of these plans often cover dental services only in the U.S, although some also cover border towns in Canada and Mexico.

Dental Discount Plans

Although dental discount plans aren’t insurance, they can help you save money at your dentist’s office. Approximately you can save between 10 to 50 percent on varying dental procedures. However, you have to choose a dentist who accepts your plan. These individual dental plans Long Island NY cost only a few dollars monthly or annually, and you also get other benefits such as visual and hearing plans. You can also combine them with insurance. Contact DentalSave if you need more information on individual plans.