Is Social Media To Blame For The Increase In Addiction In Peoria

Increases in Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction All Throughout the Nation

Sadly, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction has been on the rise and in a big way too all across the nation and for some time now as well.  If something is not done soon to rectify this issue then it is feared that it will only continue to worsen over and over and over and over again until the nation really does have a massive and serious addiction epidemic on its hands. What can be done is have a drug rehab in Peoria to solve the drug and alcohol addiction problem.  For example:

  • Crystal meth and methamphetamine in general is one of the fastest growing by far popular drugs in American communities all across the United States of America.  To shed some light on this, the United States government reported recently that there were about thirteen million people over the age of twelve who had used methamphetamine.  The problem with meth is that is creates addiction after just one usage alone, so it can be estimated that most who have abused it once have also become addicted to it. With this being said, a drug rehabilitation Peoria is crucial in this situation.
  • Alcohol abuse and misuse has become a serious issue in the United States in the last several years alone.  The dismal effect that this has on the children of alcohol abusers is unacceptable to say the least.  Nearly a full seventeen percent of all children under the age of fourteen in the United States have the misfortune of living with a parent who has a serious drinking problem of one kind or another.  As the children get older, the statistic gets worse of course.  Over twenty percent of children under eighteen live with a parent who drinks heavily or has an alcohol addiction crisis or substance abuse issue.
  • Recent studies and surveys have been done to determine what the most effective way to prevent drug abuse among young adults and teens is.  The key is in education of course and in informing young adults and children about the harmful effects of drug abuse.  Studies also show that children and young adults who learn about the risk of drugs or alcohol at a young age are in fact fifty percent less likely to use drugs than those who are not properly enlightened about the dangers of substance abuse.

Social Media: Something that Promotes Substance Abuse in Peoria

Wilderness-therapy-sadya-07.jpg (400×268)For some time now Peoria has been thought of to be a party town even if it does not appear to be so to the casual observer or onlooker.  In a lot of ways, the city just looks like a regular and normal city.  Inside though, a lot of drug abuse does occur, particularly amongst the youth of this city.  These types of abuses are only encouraged by social media too. The substance addiction Peoria can also promote themselves more and more on social media platforms in order for teens to see these ads they will then think about their choices.

Every time a Peoria youth takes a picture of him or her abusing drugs and alcohol, it is immediately made known to everyone else in his or her network if he or she posts it to social media.  This type of incessant spread of unpunished evidence of substance abuse gives other young adults the idea that it is, “okay”, to abuse drugs and alcohol, hence the spread of these abuses.  In the end, it is hoped that social media will put tighter of a leash on activities like this so that they can be taken down a notch.