Dental Q&A | Smiles Enhanced With Veneers

According to a recent survey, more than 80 percent of people are dissatisfied with their smiles. If you’re unhappy with your smile, veneers may be right for you. The first step is to find a dentist for a consultation to discuss treatment options, as well as length and cost of treatment.

Q: What are dental veneers?

A: A veneer is a very thin translucent shell that is placed over a tooth to produce a bright, beautiful smile. Veneers can be made of porcelain or resin composite materials.

Q: In which part of the mouth are veneers predominantly used?

A: Veneers are mainly used on the front teeth.

Q: What can be repaired with veneers?

A: With the help of veneers, tooth gaps, cracks, chipped teeth, misalignments, and unsatisfactory tooth coloration can all be corrected.

Q: How are the veneers applied?

A: First, you’ll need to find a dentist and schedule a consultation to learn if veneers are right for you. Next, the dentist removes a small amount of enamel to make room for the veneer. An impression is then taken of the teeth and sent to a dental lab where the veneers are custom made. At the third visit, the dentist attaches the veneers to your teeth with a special adhesive.

Q: What is the cost for veneers?

A: Veneers are among the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures. Depending on where you live, veneers can cost $1,000 to $2,500 per tooth, and they’re rarely covered by insurance.

Q: How do I know if veneers are right for me?

A: If you have gaps between your teeth, veneers can be a good alternative to braces. In addition, veneers are perfect for teeth that don’t respond to whitening.

Q: How long do veneers last?

A: With proper care, veneers can last 20 years or more. But because veneers are so thin, they can break or even fall off if abused.