Top 10 Nutritional Myths That Hinder Weight Loss

Top 10 Nutritional Myths That Hinder Weight Loss

Many people dream of a slim figure, but not everyone succeeds in achieving what they want. Some people have very vague ideas about proper nutrition. They adhere to this system, but they fail to lose weight. Even if they achieve a dream figure, they put too much effort into it.

Losing weight is easy; you just need to start eating right. But before that, take up the study of this issue. And we will help you dispel myths about proper nutrition.

Say Good-Bye To These Nutrition Myths 

1- Brown Sugar Is Healthier Than White

About 30 years ago, no one even heard of brown sugar. But, as soon as it appeared on the store’s shelves, people began to give preference to it. Brown sugar is also popular with those who lose weight. The thing is that many people still believe in the fairy tale about the benefits of brown sugar. It, of course, contains useful substances: calcium, iron, and potassium.

But their content is very small. Also, do not believe that when using it, there is no threat of extra pounds. The calorie content of brown and white sugar is the same. That is, if you want to lose weight, you will have to forget about sugar, whatever it may be.

2- Oatmeal Is The Best Breakfast

All adherents of proper nutrition also know about this. In the morning, people pour boiling water in oatmeal and eat it by thinking that such a breakfast is very useful. No one thinks that there are much more calories in such porridge because they always contain sugar.

Such breakfasts will not only lead to the appearance of extra pounds but also lead to metabolic disorders. Eat regular oatmeal for breakfast. Yes, of course, you have to cook, but it doesn’t take so long.

3-Little Alcohol Won’t Be Harmful

Many people believe that by drinking a small quantity of alcohol every day, they are not harming their health. They actually believe it helps in weight loss. However, this is not the complete truth. Alcohol is addictive, and getting rid of it is not so easy. Moreover, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. It is better not to drink alcohol to lose weight.

4- All Vegetables Are Useful

Even though vegetables are healthy, you need to eat them carefully. Firstly, if you eat right, you probably know that they are all divided into starchy and non-starchy. The first group includes potatoes, beets, carrots, and legumes. You can eat them with vegetable or olive oil. 

It is also worth controlling their amount in your diet. Non-starchy vegetables include cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, and various greens. You can eat them without restrictions. If you like salads then pay attention to the dressing. It should not be high in calories.

5- Coffee Helps You Stay Awake All Day

Very often, to overcome sleepiness, people drink a mug of coffee. However, after a while, they feel sleepy again. It’s simple: thanks to this drink, a jump in blood sugar occurs. You feel awake again, but as soon as your glucose drops, you will want to sleep.

 Logically, a cup of coffee drunk in the morning will not keep you active for the whole day. So, do not drink it on an empty stomach. After lunch, have a green tea. 

6- Do Not Fry In Olive Oil

This myth is very common; many are sure that this is the truth. Those who have not tried frying on it are sure that the oil will burn. Its smoke point is 190 degrees. Food is usually cooked at a much lower temperature.

In general, the benefits of olive oil are greatly exaggerated. It does contain vitamins and nutrients but in a very small amount. Anyway, if you want to say goodbye to extra pounds, avoid fried foods.

7- Sea Salt Is Healthier Than Table Salt

Although the two types of salt differ in sources of their extraction, they are approximately the same in their properties. The main difference is that table salt is purified, and sea salt is rich in useful substances. But are the impurities in sea salt so useful? This question cannot be answered unequivocally. 

The amount of nutrients in it is insignificant. They will not have a serious effect on the human body. But it often contains heavy metals. Again, their number is minimal. It is up to you to choose a salt. But you probably know that it is better to reduce the amount of salt when fighting excess weight.

8- Too Fatty Dairy Products Are Dangerous

Most healthy food lovers think so. They deny themselves quality dairy products, choosing low-fat shelf life. They have no nutrients at all, but the amount of carbohydrates is impressive. Do not be afraid; fatty dairy products do not affect the heart’s work in any way.

The main rule of proper nutrition is moderation in everything. It is important to pay attention to the composition when buying dairy products.

9- All Calories Are The Same

Calorie counting is a popular weight-loss method. To eat properly, you need to determine the number of calories a person needs per day. But not all calories are equal. You can eat a full meal, but you can only eat one chocolate bar.

The first option is much preferable because you will receive not only energy but also useful substances. After lunch, you will not want to eat for a long time. Chocolate will give you pleasure, but you can hardly get enough of it.

10- Eating At Night Is Harmful

Not everyone knows that the rule “do not eat after 18:00” is not the most correct one. That is, it is only suitable for those who go to bed no later than 21:00. Besides, you should carefully monitor what you eat for dinner.

Usually, during the day, people have no time to eat normally. But in the evening, they gorge themselves. This is the wrong approach. For dinner alone, it is best to choose lighter food. For example, white meat and vegetables are good options. 


There are many nutrition myths that we believe to be true. However, by following them, we make our lives difficult. It’s high time to abandon the myths mentioned above.