How To Practice Homeopathy At Home

Widespread diseases are well affected by naturopathy, regardless of the age of the patient, and many of the methods are easily applicable at home. A major advantage of this approach is that different types of diets and other healing tools allow one to take more responsibility for their own health. Visit our website today.

Naturopaths consider acute symptoms (fever, rashes and diarrhea) to be positive signs that the body’s protective forces are triggered. These symptoms should not be suppressed, but if you wish, you can help your body heal faster. Specific tips for different illnesses will be found in individual articles.

Cold compresses

Used to treat various disease states – from sprains and joint pains to headaches and bronchitis, cold compresses are generally applied to the affected area. In certain cases, alternating hot and cold compresses is recommended. To do this, you need a cotton cloth or piece of cloth – a towel, a scarf or a bandage, and to secure it in the desired place – from safe needles.

• Choose the appropriate size fabric – use a handkerchief for your throat, knee, wrist or ankle, and for the abdominal or the body-bed sheet.

• Soak the cloth with cold water, then squeeze it.

• Fold the fabric lengthwise and place it in the required place.

• Screw the compress with a towel and secure it with a safety needle.

• Leave the compressor for 3 hours or all night. Within 10 minutes it should warm up; if it stays cold, probably the piece was too wet or your body did not have enough strength to react appropriately, in which case the compress should be removed.

• When removing the compress, wipe the affected area with a sponge soaked in lukewarm or warm water to remove sweat.

• You can apply a similar method with a larger compress to cover the cross or body.

Hot or lukewarm baths

In this procedure you can add to the bathtub water:

– Two overflowing tablespoons of English salt (not recommended for high blood pressure);

– One overcooked tablespoon of soda bicarbonate;

– Dried plants (a mixture of herbs sold in herbal pharmacies);
– Oils used in aromatherapy.

Wrap the body

Use the cold and high temperature method. This compress should begin to heat within 10 minutes. Check this by placing your hand between the skin and the compress. If it is still cold, remove it and rub it vigorously with a dry cloth.

1. Place a towel on the bed or mat on the floor. On the towel, place a folded sheet, pre-soaked in cold water and squeeze, lie down.

2. Wrap your belly first with the sheet and then with the towel. Fix the edges with a secure needle.

Cleansing diets

These non-prolonged diets help the body to get rid of waste products and toxins. Avoid foods that are subjected to long-term culinary treatment that impairs the digestive system and emphasizes on the intake of raw products.

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