Life as A Drug Abuser Vs Life as A Rehab

Drug Abuser

With every passing day, people who have only one goal in life i.e., to earn money without caring for anyone else’s wellbeing. The drug mafia has spread its wings and is destroying our youth under its shameless clutches. The youth which is the future of every country is wasting away in smoke and pills. No matter how many precautions or laws our country make, these dealers know how to sneak their way.

At first for making the child addict, they give it for free. These drugs have a power to addict anyone in a short span of time. Once you are addict, then the dealers would pressurize you to pay all amount collectively. Now whether you lie, steal or even sell yourself, its none of their concern and you have to pay them no matter what. If you are an adult, then it means you have to work. Being a drug abuser, no one will employ you and you won’t have any means to pay. If you are a student, your grades will suffer and then a time will come when you will be suspended from school or college.

Your health will also start to deteriorate. Your body will be prone to a number of diseases. The reason behind is that drugs attacks the immune system of the body. If your immune system is not strong then you can get a number of deadly viruses. Drugs not just attack the immune system of the body. They are toxins and are poisonous to your health. This is the reason you always find drug abuser thin and weak. These toxins also affect our digestive system and you don’t feel much hunger. Your body craves another food which is drugs. Only it provides no nourishment; only destruction.

Now if you join a drug rehab center then your life could take a complete U-turn. Your family will love you for taking this brave initiative and they will support you in each and every step. Your health will improve visibly as your appetite will be back and you will look beautiful and health.

Before joining drug rehabs, you must know what will happen. There are two types of facilities in the rehab centers; residential and non-residential programs. Those people with serious drug abuse problem are submitted in the residential programs. In this program, they are provided with everything that would need. This program is great way to start a new life. You will be completely cut off from the outer world and you won’t have to face any kind of temptations. Your diet will be monitored and you will be healthy in a very short time. You will receive proper medications to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. These include but not limited to tremors, hallucinations, pain and many more.

Once you are sober, you can get any job according to your credentials. Being a student, you would be able to concentrate on your studies and enjoy your youth to its fullest.