Prolotherapy Benefits Of This Wonderful Alternative Treatment

Prolotherapy is known as a proliferation therapy treatment which is used for curing many problems such as joints pain like elbow, wrist, shoulder injuries and other parts of the body structure which are related to the joints. According to the research it’s also proved that about many of the patients have been cured in Regenera Clinic by the non-surgical approach for chronic pains. Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment which gives the relief to the joint pains and helps them to heal.

Here are some of Prolotherapy treatment benefits:

Tendons Injuries can be repaired: According to the study of JAMA in 2010 they have found that both the PRP & saline forms of prolotherapy have almost the similar effects in the treatment. These are helped to treat the problems like “chronic Achilles tendinopathy” but as per Mississauga prolotherapy the PRP would be better for such injuries. Prolotherapy helps to increase the growth of the platelet-derived during the healing of the damaged tendons.

Back & chronic Neck Pain can be treated:

Prolotherapy helps to heal small tears & weakened tissue that is weakened of the back of the body structure which contributes to inflammation, tends to reduce functioning which also affects the back pain & bulging discs.  The ligamentous laxity is shut down by the treatment and the laxity is the receptor present in the ligament or tendon tha sends nerve signals to the brain.

Prolotherapy treatments in Mississauga has been successfully administered in treating back problems such as degenerative disc disease, whiplash, neck pain due to spin, herniated or bulging discs, sacroiliac problems, sciatica nerve pain, rotator cuff injuries, etc.

Shoulder Injuries can be resolved:

Shoulder plays a vital role in the body structure and gets injured due to several reasons such as being overworked or not taking proper rest during the workouts. It’s mostly weakens due to the repetitive use by people such as for athletes; labourers and the aging adults get affected by the shoulder injuries. Mississauga prolotherapy has been resulted for the best treatment given for the shoulder injuries.

Elbow tendonitis & Wrist tendonitis can be treated:

It’s noticed that many of the sports person get affected to these wrist and elbow pains. According to a report , it’s resulted that the people who play tennis, golf, etc. suffer with such problem. But there are many Prolotherapy treatments in Mississauga which is known better for the elbow and wrist treatment.

Hand & Feet injuries are cured:

Many people suffer from the pain at the feet and experience problems like “carpal tunnel syndrome”, which feels pain at the thumb and hands. It’s also caused due to excess work like typing on the computers and playing sports. Prolotherapy is used to cure these injuries and helps to heal the pain.

In this treatment of prolotherapy the injections are injected to the patients injured part and it’s a non-surgical treatment which is proved as the best therapy for such joint pains. It’s better to get a non-surgical treatment for such injuries rather than to take risk by operations which could be harmful.