Myths About Pediatric Dentistry for Parents

Myths About Pediatric Dentistry for Parents

From the past, pediatric dentistry has played an essential role in children’s oral health and teeth from infancy through adolescence. Due to the importance of children’s oral health, pediatric dentistry is constantly improving to serve children and their parents better. Pediatric dentists are amazingly experienced in dealing with children, their oral condition, and the probable risks threatening their healthy teeth and gums through different stages of childhood. As parents, you are responsible for informing your child about the importance of pediatric dentistry and making them familiar with dental visits frequently. As a professional at pediatric dentistry in downtown Toronto explains, you are required to help your children defeat their fear of dentistry and find a reliable pediatric dentist who knows how to treat your child ideally and guide you in different stages of this process.

Unfortunately, many parents aren’t that aware of the significance of this subject, which usually makes them not pay enough attention. Myths and misunderstandings about pediatric dentistry among parents can affect their children’s oral health in a wrong way and result in unpleasant consequences. Today, in this article, we provide common myths about pediatric dentistry for you to realize your mistakes and update your information.

Myth: All Dental Traumas in Childhood Are Caused by Sugar.

Unfortunately, many parents believe that sugar is the main reason for every dental problem caused in childhood. Although sugar effectively causes tooth decay, dental cavities, and other dental issues, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

Myth: Your Children Don’t Need to Floss Their Baby Teeth.

Flossing and brushing are two crucial steps of oral hygiene that shouldn’t be neglected, even in childhood. Just because milk teeth aren’t permanent doesn’t mean it’s alright not to floss them. Food particles can still get stuck between baby teeth and cause different dental problems if they haven’t been removed. Pediatric dentists will teach you and your children how to floss and brush their teeth correctly to prevent dental issues and suggest suitable dental products for your children according to their oral condition.

Myth: There Is No Need to Be Worried If Your Child Sees a Little Blood During Brushing. 

Bleeding during brushing is one of the most common symptoms of gum disease, which is hugely concerning. Most parents usually imagine their children aren’t in danger by the chance of gum disease and overlook it. Yet, the truth is neglecting these signs of gum disease and not visiting the pediatric dentist can cause further dental traumas for your children who need professional treatment levels.


Myth: It’s Too Early for My Child to See a Pediatric Dentist. 

As all pediatric dentists say, it’s never too early to bring your child to have the first visit with their pediatric dentist. The sooner your child gets familiar with this environment, the healthier teeth and better oral habits they will have.

Oral health in childhood is one of the significant matters usually overlooked. It’s highly recommended that you update your information once in a while with a pediatric dentist if you are a parent.