Cannabis Delivery in British Columbia – A state of mind.

Cannabis Delivery in British Columbia – A state of mind.

Did you know that weed delivery in British Columbia Canada is now legalized? That’s right, all the recreational cannabis stores in BC are permitted to offer same day weed delivery service through their dispensary storefronts. These new regulations took effect July 15, 2021. Weed Delivery Vancouver now has a whole new state of mind – The good, the bad, the ugly!

The Good.

This move by the BC provincial government was a smart one because now the new licensed cannabis stores in BC can be more competitive and battle the unregulated delivery companies who are already established. Vancouver is the largest weed delivery market in BC, and it has been thriving since the early 2000s. Watch out, the new regulated Cannabis Stores now have an completive edge and are better positioned to offer more reliable delivery services and you can pay by credit card as well, something the unregulated same-day delivery services can’t provide. According to the Vancouver Sun, the cannabis stores must deliver themselves using their own staff. Dutch Love are spearheading weed delivery in Vancouver and the Tri-cities with a fleet of electric cars and with professional delivery drivers.

The Bad and the Ugly.

A couple of negative points come to mind when it comes to cannabis quality and prices for the delivery market. It’s widely known that the quality of the flower from the already established service providers is superior as legacy cultivators of the infamous west coast BC bud supply these operators. By comparison, the regulated dispensaries have less control of the cannabis inventory they receive, the quality is questionable. They are at the mercy of Canada’s large corporate licensed producers. Over-stock inventory issues are suppling the market with dried out lesser quality product that is more expensive by quality comparison with wasteful plastic packaging.

More on the Good.

Cannabis Confusion

Finding the best same day weed delivery services in Vancouver is easy. Whether you are looking for delivery in under and hour, or for an online Weed dispensary Vancouver, Budhub Canada has it all. Use this cannabis portal to find weed delivery in Vancouver that’s near you or find weed delivery near you anywhere in Canada.

Find Same Day Weed Delivery Near Me on Budhub Canada

To find weed delivery near me in downtown Vancouver, North or West Vancouver, or anywhere in the Vancouver area for that matter,  all you have to do is browse our same day weed delivery listings and click or tap the “Near Me” filter located at the top of the search results page to get a list of all weed delivery services that are near you. You can set your preferred proximity distance using the near me filter, and use the open now filter for late-night weed delivery options. Also, try the best match option to help find the right delivery service for you. You can even sort and filter the weed delivery services that are most reviewed, highest rated, and most viewed.

To conclude.

No matter what type of service you decide to go with, and how you feel about regulated and unregulated delivery services. At the end of the day, you will get safe good quality west coast marijuana delivered really fast in Vancouver. Afterall, BC is home of some of the best craft cannabis out there is in the world.