18Shake vs Visalus – Is One Better Than the Other?

18 shake is one of the most rated and liked diet shake in the market. It is one of the most liked shake which many across use on daily basis. Biggest advantage of this meal replacement shake is its honesty which is something which is rare to see in this dishonest world. But along with 18 shake there are many other shakes which are equally impressive and can make sure that you get the complete meal replacement for your daily requirement. Today we are going to look at head to head comparison between 18 shakes and Visalus which is another very promising brand. An ideal protein brand should be able to fulfill all the requirements of the body and provide a very good to satisfy all the requirements. Along with Visalus there are many other brands which are equally promising but Visalus is something which can provide a very healthy option.

Pros of 18 shake

  •  Provides coaching support

The best thing about using 18 shake is that it comes with a build in coaching system which is closely associated with the distributorship model. It can provide all the required help for the support network and make sure that people stick to their fitness routine regularly.

  • Lower calorie option

As a meal replacement 160 calorie is very adequate. This is one of the best feature of the shake and is something which is rarely seen in other products. Ideally you would like to maximize the intake of protein and reduce the intake of calorie with the help of proper replacement.

  • Intake of super food

This is one of the biggest thing which goes in the side of the 18 shake. The shake contains many superfood which can be just perfect for your health. There are many fruits and vegetables in the shake which can serve as a perfect diet for your health.

  • Lesser intake of Fat

When on a diet reduction in intake of fat is very important. 18 shake can make sure that only a small amount of fat is added into your body and you get a very good way forward.

Cons of 18 Shake

  • Real coaching

Real coaching which is offered by 18 shake is also the biggest weakness of the product. The problem with the real coaching which is offered over here is that the trainers which are available do not have any kind of expertise to offer you good advice.

  • Less Protein contain

Ideally you would like to have meal replacement which can provide you good amount of protein intake. With 18 shake this is not the case as the overall intake of protein is very low.

Pros of Visalus

  • Low Calorie Content

Visalus only has 90 calories in each of its services. This is very lower if compared with 1 shake and thus can be a lot more effective.

  • Cheaper Option

If we compare the prices of both the shakes then this is considerable cheaper alternative. In fact the cost of is one third of that of 18 shake and thus can be very affordable option.

  • Low sugar intake

When one a diet, the most important part is avoiding sugar intake, visalus has just 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Cons of Visalus

  • Less Protein intake

If we compare both the shakes then protein content of Visalus is lesser than that of 18 shake. There is only 12 grams of protein per serving which is very less to provide you a balanced diet.

  • Lower Vitamins and Super food

18 Shake has a clear advantage when we consider the nutrients which are on offer. Visalus has lower vitamins and super food and does not provide the necessary balance.

What all are the Alternatives?

If we look into the market then there are many alternatives which you can consider for instead of 18shake or Visalus. Here are some of the top alternatives which you can consider.

Vega One

Vega One is one of the best meal replacement solution you can get in the market. The solution is quite competitive in terms of the overall minerals, super food and vitamins and can make sure that you get the best complete nutrients for your body. Along with this there is about 20 grams of protein and 160 calories which can make sure that you get the best way forward. Along with all the things the product is non GMO which adds to the big advantage of the product. In terms of cost also the product is cost effective than shakeology but a bit expensive than Visalus.

Plant Fusion Phood

This is another very good option which one can consider as a meal replacement supplement. This is actually one of the oldest supplement and can make sure that you get the best way forward. The supplement can provide you with about 200 calories in every servings and 1 gram of saturated fat which can be very good. There is a bit more sodium in the supplement with 320 mgs and 130 mg of potassium. The biggest benefit is the supplement is that there is good amount of super foods in the shake which an provide you with all the necessary requirements.

Shakelogy vs Visalus vs Others compared

Its very difficult to compare different shakes as most of them have some unique feature which they offer. If you look into the market then there is just so much to choose from in terms of the quality and the nutrients which are on offer. Both 18 shakes as well as Visalus are very effective and can make sure that you get the best way to lose the weight. If we compare the two then there are many illiterate professionals who recommend 18 shake but there is just too much to like about Visalus. It can provide a very good way to keep you on diet and aid in providing you a perfect body. It is also filled with a lot of nutrients which mean that you get complete care.