310 Shake Vs 18Shake: Is 18Shake A Good 310 Shake Alternative?

Meal replacement supplement is something which can be very effective to make sure that you get the perfect way to lose weight and stay healthy. If we go into the make we can find many different meal replacement supplement which promises to provide you with healthy replacement to curb your diet and provide you with a perfect dose of protein and other nutrients. The most important thing which one should understand Is that curbing your diet is not something which can lead to healthy lifestyle but one the other hand choosing a meal replacement which can make sure that you get all the necessary ingredients without any need to curb the diet is very important. Out of all the top meal replacement shakes that are available in the market, 18 shake and 310 shake are two of the best shakes that you can try out. Both these shakes can make sure that you get the healthiest diet supplement which can make sure that you get the best way to lose weight.

What is 310 Shake?

310 Shake is a nutrient replacement which can make sure that you get the best way achieve you weight loss goals. This is one of the most effective shakes in the market which can provide you with the healthiest way to lose weight.

What is 18 shake?

18 shake is the nutrient rich meal replacement which can make sure that you get the best way to have a balanced diet for all your needs. This shake is very popular in the market and is prescribed and used by many across the globe. It can help in shedding weight and make sure that it curbs craving of carbohydrates. The shake and completely cleanse your body from toxins and ensure that all the top nutrients are inserted back into your body. The shake can provide you with better energy and make sure that you get a perfect balanced diet. The shake can also boost the brain awareness, thus making sure that you stay active and healthy.

  • Appetite control
  • 310 Nutritional Shake

310 Shake uses a specially designed Tri-plex protein profile which can help in reducing your appetite for coming 3 to 4 hours. There is a very good source of protein in the shake which can make sure that you have a very good way to curb your appetite. Proteins which are included in the shake will have  whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. All these proteins can make sure that you stay full for hours and there is no feeling of hunger.

18 shake

18 shake is a jam based protein shake which is loaded with vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats which can make sure that you remain full for hours. These ingredients in the shake will make sure that you remain satisfied of your body need and do not have any kind of craving for snack. This is the perfect thing which you can drink in between the meals as it will make sure that you reaming full and get a healthy dose of nutrients.

How Tasty is each shake?

310 Shake

To be fair the taste of 310 shake is considered very bad. This is mainly because the sugar content of the shake very low and also the price is kept low. The shake has less than a gram of sugar which can be a very good factor in terms of healthy.

18 shake

18 Shake comes with a much better shake which is the prime reason as to why it is so popular amongst the audience. There are 6 different flavors which you can choose from that include café latte, chocolate, vegan chocolate, green berry, vanilla, strawberry. Some of the users think of these shakes like deserts and use them with great excitement. If compared with other shakes then this one clearly is the winner in terms of the taste as it can make sure that you get the best way have a healthy diet.

Which shake offers a better texture?

310 nutrition shake

310 nutrition shake is thicker an smooth in texture. The consistency and texture of 310 nutrition shake is appreciated by many individuals.  You will not find any chalky taste or any lumps in this shake.  The best part about 310 nutrition shake is it is not at all bad in taste. The consistency of this shake mixes well with other nutrition products such as coconut milk,  almond milk or regular cow milk. You can also pair it with fruits, veggies  or butters. Adding such  things in the shake will enhance its nutritional value and taste.


18Shake is very thick and dense in consistency which  may not be appreciated by many individuals. While adding some extra water or any liquid substance may adjust the thickness of the shake. But having a thick shake is always better than having a watery one.

Which  is better

In terms of textures both are excellent. But if you consider 310 shake then it offers more traditional consistency. Whereas if you are looking for a meal replacement shake the 18shake is the right choice.

Which is more convenient to prepare?

When it comes to preparation both shakes are extremely easy to prepare.  You just have to add a scoop of shake mix to  8-10 ounces of water with some ice. And your shake is ready. For more enhancement you can also add some fruits and veggies for better effect.

Which offers more nutrition?

310 shake

310 shake serves only 90 calories per serving and it is rich of proteins and vitamins. The nutrition and vitamins offer many benefits such as improvement in the eyesight, immune system and strengthens your body. It also offers healthier hair and skin.

18 shake

18 shake consists of around 70 super nutritional ingredient that helps flush the toxins from your body system. This will help you satisfy your curbs cravings and improve your digestive systems. But the amount of calories varies with the flavors so be mindful while choosing the flavor.


310 shake consist of less amount of calorie, fat and sugar so it can be a better choice. But 18 shake is richer in terms of nutritional ingredients.  This will give your body a more beneficial boost.