5 Possible Reasons Why Your Child Is Gaining Weight

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Child Is Gaining Weight

Children used to get older as they grow. By growing day by day, they gain enough weight. However, some children never used to gain enough weight because of their improper diet. There are several hidden reasons behind the gain and loss of children’s weight. If your child’s doctor recommends that they need to gain weight, you should focus on their diet and several other activities to help them in their health.

To have the child’s better health it’s really necessary for them to stay away from drugs. Many children at growing age used to get themselves indulged in drugs during their growing phases. Medical marijuana doctor have considered drugs as a very harmful element for children’s health. And even have very drastic effects. So, the parents need to consider the diet and activities of children highly important to keep them under observation at growing age.

Here we have a few possible reasons why your child gains weight:

1- Choosing High-Calorie Drinks

Children who used to drink high-calorie drinks like milkshakes and fruit smoothies made by whole milk, yogurt, cream, milk chocolates often gain weight because of weight calories. Even a few used to add nut butter depending on the recipe which adds up in the number of calories and fats. Many children used to take a high amount of sugar in drinks as well which also favors obesity.

2- More Junk/Outside Food

Many busy families used to buy food more from outside then cooking food at home. Whereas, more eating of junk food leads to the gain of weight. Many children always love to enjoy junk food. So because of the easy and cheap access to junk food, it always becomes the children’s first choice. While high calories junk food and fast food favors weight and even obesity.

3- Choose Fat Cut Pieces And High Calories

Children who are underweight should enjoy the fatty cuts of meat (rib eye, T-bone, medium ground beef), dark meat from chicken, and fatty fish like salmon. One can enjoy the high calories foods like grilled chicken, grilled cheeses, grilled cheese potatoes, mac and cheese, cream soups, casseroles, scalloped potatoes, custards, and puddings.

4- Cutting Back Of Physical Activities

Many of the schools have cut off the physical activities from their regular time tables. So, children don’t have any regular daily exercise programs with them which help them to get more obese. So, due to the intake of many high calories and fats, the burn of fats is not taking place which causes the children to gain more weight.

5- Provide Appropriate Meals

To let your child gain weight offer them appropriate foods over three meals and two to three snacks per day. Eating time to time boosts energy level in children and help them to grow. So, try to give your child healthy homemade food from time to time to have their proper growth with age.


Pick nutrition’s, high energy foods and beverages to help them grow. Try to focus on homemade foods rather than offering them junk food more. If you are one of the concerned parents, visit your child’s doctor, dietitian, or health care provider for the requirements of their body development along with their age.