What Is Cbd Full Spectrum Tincture?

CBD spectrum tincture

CBD full-spectrum tincture. What is that? Since the CBD industry is on the rise there is a lot of seemingly new terminology out there that can get a bit confusing at times. In order to achieve the highest results from your CBD regimen, it is important to understand what you are using. Although there are numerous products out there that offer CBD, right now let’s just focus on CBD full-spectrum tinctures.

What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are becoming more popular in the CBD industry each day. A “tincture” is a substance that is created within an alcohol base. In most cases, CBD tinctures are formed by using alcohol to pull CBD from the stems, flowers, and seeds of the hemp plant. During this process, the CBD particles bond within the alcohol solution. The substance that gets produced from this method is a strong CBD tincture. While there are several different ways you can use tinctures, the best is to apply a few drops under the tongue. The dose amount is calculated by the properties of the person ingesting it. Many people like a CBD tincture more than a CBD oil because oils can have a pretty rank, pungent taste.

CBD spectrum tincture

Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

The term “full-spectrum” pertains to a compound that has no limiting factors to reduce the presence of all of its available ingredients and nutrients. When it comes to the factor of full-spectrum CBD, it means that the product contains a full spectrum of flavinoids and botanicals available within the hemp plant. As for THC, the legal amount that is allowed in all CBD products is 0.3% of THC content or less. This means that there is a tiny amount of THC contained in a full-spectrum product. The odds of getting high on this small of a dose of THC are extremely low. Full-spectrum tinctures carry several other wellness compounds that work with each other to help bring great results. This includes nearly 100 other cannabinoids and a few terpenes.

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