Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Important Techniques For Beginners

BJJ is getting more and more popular everyday as people are recognizing the health benefits concealed behind the hard training modules provided in BJJ class Scarborough. However, it would be inappropriate to enter the class before knowing what to expect from it. So, as a beginner it is essential to understand several techniques useful at the initial levels.

  1. The hip escape with the help of guard replacement is the most common side control escape, involving bridging and hip escape. It will be used by all levels of students – beginners to black belt experts. It has to be learnt carefully and Salvosa BJJ Scarborough has expertise in training such tactics to beginners.
  1. The Scissor sweep allows breaking the balance of the opponents and involves the use of legs rather than the upper body. It is a great defensive tactic and can be used for offense if perfected.
  1. The Triangle choke helps to choke the opponent with the help of legs and most teachers in martial arts classes in Scarborough teach it to gain an effective defense. It is quite helpful in real life situations where a bulky individual comes in our way.
  1. The Cross collar choke is the first move to learn in defensive-offensive combination. The grip is very difficult to remove and is very popular amongst martial artists.
  1. The straight arm lock from a mounted position is the best way to derive a submission from a stronger opponent. The upper limbs become helpless as the force of the body will be completely levied on the body of the opponent and the grip is very tight.
  1. The side control Americana lock is a great tactic that uses the weight of two limbs against the single limb of the opponent. Further, there is little risk in this submission move as the opponent has very few chances to get out of it, even if the opponent is trained by the best teachers who teach BJJ class Scarborough.
  1. The rear naked choke is regarded as the most successful submissive maneuver in the history of UFC. One could understand the importance of it through the official statistics and it is a bit difficult to master. It is also known as the “lion killer” as it is highly effective against stronger opponents.
  1. The over-under guard pass is a great way to prevent the attack of the opponents such as arm locks, sweeps and chokes. Fascinatingly, the guard pass doesn’t require the individual to be highly athletic, but all it needs is mastery over the method.
  1. The Hip bump sweep is a great attack combination involving guillotine and Kimura techniques. It is great to break the posture of the opponent during the closed guard and it uses the hips removing the chance of the need of arm strength.
  1. The double leg take down is commonly taught technique in martial arts classes in Scarborough and is regarded as highly effective. The opponent will be swept from one level to another level (to the ground) with a blast.

These are common techniques one could expect from a BJJ class and they are very exciting to learn. Once they are mastered there in no force in the world that can stop you from going to the next level or winning that championship.