How To Prevent Hernia

Prevent Hernia

Hernia becomes a big problem, if it’s left untreated. Hernias occur when organ or other tissue pushes through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle and fascia tissue of the abdominal wall and creates a bulge in your skin. If you are concerned about developing a hernia, there are several things that you can do to lower your risk. If you develop a hernia you should consult your hernia specialist doctor in Bangalore as soon as possible to discuss treatment options.

Make lifestyle changes

Getting into good shape

Hernias are common in people who are overweight or those who are in poor shape. If you are on the heavier side then try to lose some weight by changing your diet and including more exercises into your routine.

  • Begin by brisk walking or biking and add some intensity as you begin to develop stamina
  • Focus on exercise which strengthens your back and stomach
  • You should aim for 30 minutes exercise for 5 days a week

Consume foods which are rich in fiber

There is a high number of chances that hernia develops because of constipation. You need to regulate your diet to prevent hernia. Make sure you include foods rich in fiber in your diet and drink plenty of water in a day. Fiber rich foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grains like oatmeal, wheat pasta.

Don’t depend on supportive garments to keep hernia in place

These supportive garments are only suitable for a short period of time after surgery. Using any protective/supportive garment won’t protect you from hernia when you are lifting weights.

Try to keep a good posture while lifting weights

You should not lift any heavy objects, if you are suffering from hernia. Whenever you have to lift a heavy object make sure to use a good posture. Using a bad posture while lifting can affect hernia. Before lifting anything do check your pose to make sure that you are using a good pose. There are some things which you can keep in mind while lifting:

  • Keeping your back straight and your abdominal muscles tight
  • Standing with your shoulder width apart
  • Use your legs muscles to work

Prevent Hernia

Quit smoking

If you are a chain smoker or you have been regularly smoking, then your cough can become a problem which could lead to hernia. Smoking can also lead to cancer, heart disease and many other serious conditions.

Try wearing loose clothing

Sometimes hernia can be caused because of the tight clothes you wear. If your clothes fit tightly around your waist then it’s better to wear loose clothing, this will eliminate this factor. Wearing clothing with a size larger will provide you some extra space.

Sit upright after you eat

You are at a higher risk of developing a hernia after you have eaten. You can reduce this risk, don’t bend or lay down for 2-3 hours after eating. Try to sit upright or recline in chair and avoid doing anything which requires you to bend over.

Reducing the risk of hernia during exercise

Start your workouts with warm-up

Starting your workout before doing any warm up exercise can also lead to the development of hernia. Make sure you do warm-up before doing any exercise. Start the warm-up which is similar to the exercise which you will perform. Like, if you are going for a run, then start brisk walking for 5-10 minutes.

Reduce your intensity if you feel uncomfortable

Pushing yourself hard can be deadly, it can increase the chance of injury which include hernia. If you start to feel any pain, then you can reduce your intensity. Make sure to give your body rest in alternate days. You can try some low-level yoga to stay in the state of exercise.

The last step is to seek medical help to prevent hernia

Get in touch with your doctor if you have any serious symptoms

Sometimes hernia can have symptoms which indicate that something is wrong. You should make sure that you get in touch with your doctor if you have:

  • Pain in your hernia and you are not able to push it back with some light pressure
  • Vomiting, nausea or you have pain in your abdomen
  • Your hernia looks purple, dark, discolored or red

Talk to your doctor about the surgical hernia correction options

Hernias require surgical repair in order to get treated, so you should make sure to discuss this with your doctor. During hernia surgery, the doctor will reposition tissues which have moved out of place, remove any damaged tissues and repair the abdominal wall with the synthetic mesh. If your doctor decides that you need surgery, then you should also make some lifestyle changes as it will improve the success rate of surgery.