Is It Safe To Ship Frozen Embryos?

The process of fertilization has been fundamentally altered by the practice of freezing embryos. Having a biological child is now simpler and more successful than ever for couples battling infertility because of frozen embryos and the surrogacy process. While you may be aware you are able to freeze your eggs for usage in the future, you might be curious as to whether it’s feasible to transport your embryos. There are several well-reputed companies that offer the best embryo transportation services to the people. The necessity of shipping embryos, global surrogacy, and whether it is possible to ship embryos will all be covered in this article.

Frozen Embryos

Donors of sperm and eggs are the first step in the freezing of embryos. In-vitro fertilization is used at a fertility center near you to gather a number of sperm and eggs from both prospective parents. An embryo is regarded as the result of the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. When that embryo is later transferred into a surrogate, it is referred to as a fresh embryo transfer. After the embryo has been frozen for a while, a frozen embryo transfer takes place. There is a wide range of reasons why an intended couple would decide to preserve their embryo rather than use IVF to implant it into their surrogate’s womb right away. Even if the egg donor and donor sperm may not be quite ready to start a family, by freezing the embryo while they are both still young, the egg will be in good condition when they are ready to use it. The healthiest eggs aren’t necessarily those that are taken from older intended mothers.

Another benefit of frozen embryos is that they give the surrogate a lot more time to get her body ready for pregnancy. In order to increase their fertility and align their menstruation cycle with the time the embryo would naturally form, fertility clinics would prescribe patients drugs.

Is It Safe To Ship Frozen Embryos?

The COVID-19 pandemic has the entire planet in its grip, and people are concerned for their safety and health. We recognize that it’s a major problem when we discuss the overseas shipping of frozen embryos. The shipping process’s level of safety is constantly under careful observation (regardless of the pandemic period). The quality control system makes sure that frozen biomaterial is handled and transported in a safe, secure, compliant, and meticulous manner. The most up-to-date specialized equipment offers protection from exposure to the outside world for embryos, oocytes, eggs, or cells. No permeation occurs during the whole transit phase from the lab door to the clinic. One of the best companies is ARK Cryo, which you can use to transport your embryos from one place to your desired place.

Transport companies for embryos make every effort to transport the samples on time for the initiation of treatments, despite the challenges posed by transient border restrictions. The biomolecule and fertility process are both harmed by temperature changes, so temperature monitoring equipment is given a lot of consideration. The constant temperature logger makes sure that the sample is always safe.

The genetic information is always under the supervision of a courier during embryo transfer, who makes sure the shipment is secure and keeps an eye on the samples to provide the best possible environmental conditions. The embryo transporter has the decision-making ability to handle a crisis, such as a delayed flight or reschedule, and deliver the specimens at the scheduled time.

Causes Of Embryo Transportation

Along the road to surrogacy, many intended parents encounter several obstacles. These difficulties could include a variety of problems with the fertility clinic you’ve chosen (such as miscommunications or other errors, a disagreement with your doctor over the course of treatment), problems with the surrogate mother’s response to medication, and so on. These factors might influence an intended parent’s desire to try another clinic.

Perhaps the intended parents would want to use a fertility center close to the surrogate rather than paying for their surrogate mother to travel to their own clinic far away from them. The intended parents may have realized that monitoring costs and trip costs are related using the same methods (For the first three months of the surrogate pregnancy, your surrogate mother will require ongoing blood work, ultrasound scans, and maternity care from a fertility center).

These are excellent reasons to transfer your embryos to a facility closer to your surrogacy or, if you’ve had problems with the fertility facility that created your embryos, look into the best facility nearby. Transferring clinics is perfectly acceptable, and it is now typical practice among surrogacy companies to balance multiple wishes and needs with both intermediaries and parents. Transferring embryos also gives prospective parents a chance to get a different outcome if their past results haven’t been great.

Details Of Embryo Transportation

  • Only a very specialized container with temperature control can be used for embryo shipping.
  • When being transported, biological materials must never be exposed to X-rays as they may result in genetic material degeneration.
  • The permanent temperature must be below -100°C throughout shipment.

Can I Ship The Embryos To My House, Or Do I Have To Move These Goods Myself?

Only trained laboratory personnel and couriers are permitted to handle the item for safety and to preserve its integrity. It is not safe to transport these types of materials to your home. For safety purposes, yo must need to hire some professional.


The practice of freezing embryos has significantly changed the process of fertilization. Due to frozen embryos and the surrogacy process, having a biological child is now easier and more successful than ever for couples struggling with infertility. Although you may be aware that you can store your eggs for later use, you might be wondering if it’s possible to transport your embryos. The best embryo transportation services are provided to the public by a number of well-known businesses. There are many reasons to transfer your embryos to a facility closer to your surrogacy. If you’ve had problems with the fertility facility that created your embryos, look into the best facility nearby.