Is Root Canal Therapy Safe?

Is Root Canal Therapy Safe?

Unfortunately, most people who are recommended to undergo root canal therapy to preserve their affected teeth prefer to have them extracted because they believe that root canal therapy can cause severe oral diseases and put their overall health at risk. But recent studies have shown that this exceptional dental method is a proven solution to eliminate the risk of spreading the infection to other healthy teeth and even to the whole of your body. As an experienced endodontist in Oakville, this is a dental specialty that can save the natural tooth perfectly. In this article, we provide some useful information to ensure root canal therapy can be so beneficial and preserve the health of your permanent teeth in several cases.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Most general dentists have the potential to perform root canal therapy successfully, but if your conditions are very complicated, you are more likely recommended to visit professional endodontists. During this beneficial procedure, your dedicated dental specialists will do their best to remove the decayed sites inside your teeth. And seal the site with the special feeling to protect your teeth from reinfection.

Several things can affect the pulp of your teeth, like performing several dental processes on the same tooth, severe decay left untreated for a long time, or other injuries involving your face and teeth. In such cases, unbearable pain and discomfort will force you to make urgent appointments with your professional dentists. They will completely evaluate your teeth and mouth, even take x-rays to diagnose the underlying reason for your pain, and then recommend root canal therapy to relieve your pain and save your affected tooth.

Most people fear experiencing pain and discomfort during and even after root canal therapy is completed. But it should be noted that you won’t experience pain or even remember anything because your dedicated endodontists don’t start the process until they ensure the affected site is completely numbed. Once the treatment is over, your pain will be eliminated because the main source of infection is successfully removed during the process. Remember to contact your professionally-trained dentists as you suffer from throbbing pain a few hours after your treatment is completed.


Possible Risks

Although a wide range of diseases is treatable these days, the truth is that all dental and medical treatments may involve some minor side effects that should be considered:

Improper Filling & Sealing: During the procedures, your professional endodontists will ensure that all canals are completely cleaned, filled, and sealed to avoid further infection. Besides, it is essential to increase the strength of your damaged teeth. If this process isn’t correctly performed, it is more likely your root canal therapy will fail.

Using uncleaned or Improper instruments: Generally, some delicate instruments are needed to perform root canal therapy. If your endodontists use uncleaned tools or break them during your treatments, the success rate of your procedure will be considerably decreased.

Finally, studies have shown that most root canal therapies performed worldwide will result successfully, and the risk of failure is minimal. The only thing that can increase the success rate of your treatments is finding qualified dental specialists to perform the procedures for you.