Meet The Wignalls

Meet The Wignalls

At Lumbridge And Vickory, we care about our customers hugely and we strive to provide them with the best online shopping experience possible. With that being said, we take the time to curate our product selection from some of the leading artisan brands in the world. These are brands that share our vision of always offering the highest quality products at the lowest everyday prices possible. Keeping that in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of our vendors who supply us which is Wignalls Yallo.

About Wignalls

Wignalls was founded in 2011 when John Wignall acquired Standish Hall Farm with his brother Derek. Both men champions of local produce and of supporting British producers, decided to take that old farm and turn it into something special. With hard work and determination, they restored Standish Hall Farm to its former glory. Using the latest today’s technology to drive down chemical use and reduce their carbon footprint, the Wignalls focused on sustainable farming methods and spreading the word about Yallo.

Wignalls Yallo

Rapeseed oil is widely grown and bottled here in the UK. Other vegetable oils, like olive and sunflower, are mostly imported. Wignalls Yallo is a 100% cold-pressed rapeseed oil which means that it’s made using a ‘press’ to squeeze the oil out of the seeds. This process helps to retain all of the natural flavour. It’s then simply filtered and bottled. Wignalls’ straightforward process helps to keep in all the goodness and ensures a much higher quality product than you will find anywhere else.

Working Together With Nature

The Wignalls; John, Clare, and Derek, believe in working together with nature and protecting our valuable natural resources. With that being said, they refuse to use any sprays containing neonicotinoids which studies have shown result in the decline of the bee population. The Wignalls grow ‘bee nectar mix’ around the farm, which includes alsike clover, birds-foot trefoil, common vetch, red clover, sainfoin and yellow trefoil. This provides the bees with an excellent pollen source once the rapeseed plant has finished flowering.

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