Pros And Cons Of Cosmetic Treatments And Injectables

Pros And Cons

For many people today, cosmetic treatment has become much more accessible and affordable. This has allowed the cosmetic treatment and injectables market to better cater towards a wider range of skin and body types, and help a larger group of people to achieve the look they desire.

Taking a leap into the world of dermatological treatment whether for cosmetic or medical reasons will always have its pros and cons, and being able to weigh them against each other in consideration of your desired result is important.

So let’s consider some of the pros and cons of using some of the more common cosmetic treatments and injectables.

Botox and Other Fillers

Everyone has heard of botulinum toxin in its more common name, botox. But not many people know that there are all kinds of other fillers out there that can suit people’s specific needs or desires. Typically administered to restore volume and therefore youthfulness to someone’s face, fillers can also serve practical purposes in treating the symptoms of strokes or even a lazy eye.


Injectables or dermal fillers as they’re also known are common and many clinics throughout the US can provide this service at an affordable rate. The procedure is also essentially painless and has a very short downtime.


The effects of fillers only usually last temporarily, with most lasting between three and six months. Also minor mistakes made on the part of the practitioner administering the injection can result in droopy muscles.

An incredibly important thing to remember when looking into fillers is that what’s right for someone else may not be right for you, and whether you go for dysport or restylane it’s best to compare all available clinics in your area. This can be achieved by searching something like “restylane Boca Raton” (replacing Boca Raton with your area) and looking through the results.

Laser Hair Removal

After years of humanity scraping at skin with razors and rubbing on creams and ointments that almost always have no desired effect, laser hair removal is almost a godsend. Through the use of a low-energy laser, the patient’s hair follicles are instantaneously and often permanently disabled with each treatment.


When compared with razors it’s clear the number one positive about laser hair removal is the fact that it’s non-invasive and quite gentle in comparison, it’s also better for dealing with larger areas at a time. Laser hair removal can also leave your skin looking smoother and silkier.


Depending on your skin type or hair color this treatment may not be as effective for you, and in some cases you may be advised against it due to lack of benefit. It’s also an ongoing process that often requires multiple sessions so it may not be suitable for those with floating schedules or busy daily lives.

As with dermal fillers it’s important to find a good clinic that you feel comfortable going to, especially so for this treatment though as you will end up needing to spend quite some time with the practitioners, so I advise going with a clinic that has good testimonials that you can relate to. Similarly to searching for fillers, use your favorite internet search provider to look up “Best laser hair removal Boca Raton” (replacing BR with your area) and be sure to look for reviews.

Laser Skin Treatments

Not only can lasers be helpful in removing hair, but it’s also been found they’re excellent and resurfacing the skin through a process which, plainly put, damages the skin lightly to excite new growth of proteins regenerating new skin. There are several different kinds of laser skin treatment, from pico laser treatment to fractional laser treatment; although the pros and cons generally persist throughout.


Much like laser hair removal, laser skin treatments can be a great non-invasive way to even out skin surface or skin tone without the unnecessary abrasion or peels that other treatments entail. They’re also quite commonly available with most dermatological clinics offering such services at affordable rates. Also in these treatments there tends to be a longer lasting effect than that with peels or dermabrasions.


If someone is prone to any skin condition then there is a chance that laser treatment can cause that condition to erupt. Also laser treatment will generally cause some redness and swelling for the initial period afterwards, and some downtime is required to keep the skin out of direct sunlight.

As with any kind of treatment you go through (including the aforementioned) you should always be completely honest about any conditions your skin has to be sure this treatment is right for you.


A very general term for a range of procedures in which the face is brought back to a more youthful state via treatment, conditioning and sometimes surgery. Facelifts give people great boosts of confidence in taking away the typical signs of aging and restoring the face to a time when things were perhaps a bit easier. While specific pros and cons are relevant to each type of procedure chosen, there are some general ones we can consider beforehand.


Obviously enough the biggest pro of having a facelift is looking years younger, taking away those wrinkles and crow’s feet can give you back your younger self and perhaps revitalize you, or give you a face more suiting your young spirit. Facelifts also tend to be semi-permanent in that they last for up to 10 years, and make you look 10 to 15 years younger. They’re also the best known way to recontour the jaw and neckline if that has been something that’s bothered you over the years.


While you may appear younger on the surface your age is still a factor in your life, and this cannot be forgotten. There’s also quite an extensive downtime on the more serious facelifts, which can be incredibly inconvenient for those with busy jobs or busy lives. Depending on your age and skin type, you may also need follow up procedures to ensure it lasts as long as you desire.

A facelift is perhaps one of the biggest cosmetic procedures people are putting themselves through these days, and they need to be taken seriously. If you are considering getting one I highly recommend reading autobiographical testimonies from some of the celebrities who have had them to get an idea of what it can do to your life, both good and bad.

The Takeaway

I hope this has been a fair and insightful look into the world of cosmetic treatments, if you’re any kind of treatment or injectable make sure to do your research first. Find a trusted clinic that provides honest testimonies about their previous customers satisfaction.