Perfect Workout For Perfect Body

One of every woman’s ultimate goals is probably to have a sexy bikini body they can flaunt in the beach during the summer, or just whenever they feel like it. And getting a bikini body is not easy, from constantly working out to changing your diet; it takes a lot of time and motivation.

You can find tons of tips and workout routines on the internet claiming to help you achieve that bikini body you’ve been dreaming of. But most of them are either exercise myths or routines that don’t work for your body type. There are also a lot of dieting tips out there that tell you lies about your body, and fallacious nutrition ‘facts’.

Bikini Body Guide

Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide (BBG) is not one of them. It is the most effective guide in the market right now about getting a perfect body for women. Bikini Body Guide consists of twoweekly workout plan books for 12 weeks each, nutrition guide book for healthy living, and another book with healthy recipes. This combination of exercise and diet guides makes the BBG stand out among their competitors.

Although its efficiency has been proven by costumers’ testimonies, you still have to work to get that body you are dreaming of. Bikini Body Guide, as its name suggests, is only a guide that you have to follow. It requires you hard work and commitment to achieve that perfect body. And it takes time, you will not see the result immediately but the hard work will pay off eventually.

How it works

Kayla’s BBG workout guide (BBG 1.0) contains workout routines to be followed in a period of 12 weeks. She has another product, which is recommended to be purchased with BBG, which is basically diet plans. It contains guides in eating and living healthier and explanations on how it is so. After the first 12 weeks of working out with BBG’s help, you can buy the follow-up exercises book which contains even more challenging workout routines for sexier bikini bodies.

BBG teaches you not to depend on your weight. Costumers have claimed to achieve their dream body but they gained weight at the same time. This means they gained muscles whilst burning fats. You tend to build some muscles when following the Bikini Body Guide since it involves a lot of body workouts.

Finally, acquiring your dream body is not an overnight process. And don’t compare your progress to other girls’, it will really take time but you will eventually get there. You might not see instant changes in your body, but you’ll be surprised to see the results in the long run.