The Importance Of Postnatal Pilates

Giving birth to a baby is not only a painful process but it can disturb the muscles of your body particular the ones which are affected as a result of pregnancy. The muscles such as pelvic and abdominal muscles  and the back is usually affected and in order to tone your body and strengthening of muscles, postnatal Pilates exercises are recommended and you can visit the Surrey Birth and Baby Company  to get yourself enrolled in the exercises such as;


Breathing Exercises:

These types of exercises are focused on the breathing by lying on your back and bending your knees and then taking full breaths in such a way that your lungs are filled with air and then released, thus allowing your belly to rise and fall as you breathe. This exercise forms the basis of the way your Pilates move and help in strengthening of the muscles.

Exercise using sidekicks:

These exercises involve moving your abdominal and side muscles with the help of leg movements thus allowing your pelvic muscles to move. This helps in better functioning of the muscles which have been affected as a result of pregnancy.


You can improve your body posture by performing these exercises along with strengthening your muscles. The overall body figure can be improved and many mothers feel pain in their back because of disturbance in their pelvic muscles which can be improved by these exercises. Moreover you feel exhausted after giving birth to your baby and the daily work is increased and these exercises help you to perform the tasks in a better way.

When to attend:

It is normally recommended that after 6 weeks of a normal baby delivery a woman can go to attend these classes but it is always better to consult your doctor before commencing the classes. Also a period of 8 weeks to 12 weeks is recommended for women to wait who had a caesarean baby birth.

Is it safe?

It is definitely safe and is considered useful for women experiencing issues after their pregnancy and it does not have any side effects or hidden issues. If your muscles are not strong enough and your back hurts then this exercise is definitely for you particularly if you do not want to get tired of changing your baby’s diaper and to lift him/her very often or to pamper him whenever he/she cries.