The Mind-Skin Connection: How Mental Health Benefits From Your Skin Care Routine

The Mind-Skin Connection: How Mental Health Benefits From Your Skin Care Routine

Experts say that stress can manifest physical symptoms. This includes headaches, back pain, and difficulty falling asleep. Your state of mental health can also have an impact on your skin. This is why some people experience acne breakouts and hair fall when experiencing extreme stress.

Managing stress can help you better deal with your skin issues. The less stressed out you are, the easier it will be for your skin to heal. But then, this can be extremely difficult especially if you are battling a mental health issue.

When you are not mentally healthy, it can be easy to forget about self-care. You will be tempted to take self-care for granted. You won’t eat right, you can’t sleep enough, and won’t have the motivation to exercise or be physically active.

But did you know that the connection between the mind and skin is far greater than that? As it turns out, starting a better skincare approach can help with your mental health. Here’s why.

It Helps Halt Your Worry Loop

Some people think a skincare routine can be too frustrating and tiring. This is since most people spend a considerable amount of time just to complete their routine. But remember that self-care activities like skincare are productive ways that put your focus away from negative thoughts.

That one hour before bedtime is usually the hardest for people struggling with anxiety and depression. They find it hard to sleep because they are bombarded with many thoughts during that idle time. After an eventful day and you’re now alone in your room waiting for sleep to come over, that’s usually when your worries flood your mind.

When you engage in a night skincare routine, you’re doing one last productive thing for the day. This simple act of caring for your skin makes you happy and allows you to practice mindfulness. Doing this each night can help lessen your tendency to worry endlessly before you sleep.

It Helps Boost Your Mood and Self-confidence

Some people are bombarded with dry, sensitive skin prone to acne. Now that we are living in the new normal and face masks are a must-wear, maskne is one of our main stressors. The more we stress about our skin condition, the more our mental health suffers.

Being able to pamper your skin and use the right products helps boost your mood and improve your confidence. This is especially true once you find the products that greatly help with your skin condition. Making time to address your skin issues makes you feel better, thus making each day a little better than before.

Now that you have more time for a skincare routine, be careful when testing out products especially on your face. When fighting acne, choose tried and tested products and consider your skin type. Consult a dermatologist and they can recommend the right face wash with benzoyl peroxide to help you treat your acne breakouts.

It Helps Add Structure to Your Day

Adding a skincare routine adds another to-do list to your day. This may seem like a lot considering all the tasks you need to accomplish. But in reality, this only adds stability to your day.

routine is essential especially mid-pandemic no matter your age. Kids benefit from a daily routine since they know what to expect and what important tasks they need to accomplish each day. The same goes for adults.

Routines are critical for physical and mental health. Your skincare routine, no matter how short it may be, helps in solving your skin issues. Enjoying your time pampering your skin helps produce feel-good hormones, which, in turn, boosts your happiness.

As you finish up your skincare routine, you enjoy that sense of accomplishment. You managed to do something productive and one thing that will benefit your health. Regularly indulging in a routine makes you less likely to suffer mood problems, anxiety, and depressive disorders.

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It Can Be a Great Bonding Activity

The pandemic made us willingly isolate ourselves from friends, relatives, and other loved ones. Now that we are stuck at home with just our roommates or family members under the same roof, a skincare routine can be your perfect bonding session with the family.

When we interact with others, even if it is just through a video call while putting on our cream, serum, and face masks, this boosts our mood and satisfaction levels. We get to bond over something that can benefit both us and a loved one or two. The experience becomes a better one when you get to do this with someone you care about.

This goes to show how beneficial a simple skincare routine can be for both our physical and mental health. We don’t necessarily need an extensive routine just for the sake of our mental health. This gives you more reasons to start developing your own skincare routine and stop making excuses about skipping everyday self-care.