Top 5 Hair Growth Tonics

People are fighting hair loss longer than anyone can remember. There are many, more or less successful solutions, but it’s an ongoing battle, both for men and women. Hair growth tonics were always on the first line of defense. That is why the tonics market is over saturated, and separating the best from the rest is harder than ever. Luckily, we are here to help.

Here are the top 5 hair growth tonics, in our modest opinion:

Biofolic Hair Growth Tonic

Now, this is something else. Biolific Tonic is an all-around solution for your hair. This tonic is designed to halt any further hair loss and prevent the growth of new hair, but it does so much more than that.

It will strengthen the hair follicles, giving you a much thicker hair and increasing its volume, and it will also protect it from damage. It benefits your scalp too, restoring natural balance and removing dandruff and sebum. Best of all, this tonic is proven to be useful for both men and women.

And unlike many other tonics, Biofolic is absorbed ultra-fast and will start to work its magic in no time at all. This serum is proven to work, and this is documented in numerous independent and clinical studies.

Biofolic Tonic is a complete hair-care solution, natural, and entirely safe to use, with zero side-effects.

FIG+YARROW Organic Hair + Scalp Tonic

This tonic is a unique blend of unusual, all-natural and organic ingredients. It will promote hair-growth and healthy looking hair. It is suitable for dry hair, as it enhances moisturization. It conditions the hair deeply, also improving elasticity, and the quality of your curls.

You can also use this tonic on your skin, as a soothing after-shave, as a beard grooming oil, or as a nail strengthener. A real, multi-purpose solution for your hair, scalp, skin, beard, and nails.

It is filled with healthy ingredients, so let’s mention a few: deep penetrating organic base oils (olives, hemp, camelina, avocado) to promote hair and scalp strength; horsetail, oatstraw, nettles all rich sources of silica; rosemary for blood flow.

This product is 100% organic, and is hand-crafted, made strictly in small batches. A blend of carefully selected ingredients, all natural, and know to promote hair growth, used for ages, FIG+YARROW Organic Hair + Scalp Tonic is a good choice.

Strong Hairpro Hair Care Quality Tonic

What separates this hair tonic from the rest is containing five clinically proven ingredients, known to promote hair growth- Capixyl®, Procapil®, Redensyl®, Phytelene Complex EGX 292, and Biotin. Capixyl is critical as it reduces the number one cause of hair loss- DHT, and promotes the size and the number of follicles. Tonic also contains caffeine, another standard ingredient in the hair-loss prevention industry. This lotion is scientifically tested and guaranteed to stop hair loss and to promote growth. It helps to prevent Alopecia, protect your hair against damage, strengthening strands and increasing the hair volume.

This lotion is made in the USA, in a registered and FDA-certified facility- only the highest standards are followed, ensuring maximum potency, but also purity and safety. The product is paraben and sulfate-free.

It is also easy to use- you only need 2-3 drops in the problematic area, and that’s it, you will soon start seeing results.

Opulent Hair Serum

This serum is almost magical- regularly using only few drops will work wonders for your hair. Damaged hair, frizz, unruly curls, dryness, hair loss, it will fix all common hair problems, and will even promote new hair growth. Even if your hair is normally really dry, it will get hydrated and shiny after you use Opulent Hair Serum. But, hydrated and soft does not mean greasy! It will also help detangling your hair after washing- you will lose much less hair while combing. Also, use it before blow-drying, it will shield your hair from damage.

Two key ingredients of this serum, are well known for their positive influence on hair- Opulent oil and Vitamin E. Both are essential if you want strong hair.

And since you only need one or two “pumps” for most hair types, the serum will last a while, making it a very economical solution.

Organic Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries, and has many benefits on our organism, especially on the health of our hair. It is full of essential fatty acids, known for their positive effect on hair, skin, and nails. This natural ingredient is proven to stop hair loss, and to promote the growth of new hair. It even fights dandruff. You can even put it on your eyelashes and eyebrows- they too will grow longer and thicker, rapidly. Lash and brow application kit is included. This is an all-around tonic- it will promote hair growth, making it look healthy and shiny, and you can use it on your eyebrows, eyelashes, and skin too. It has a positive effect on skin redness, scars, acne, and blemishes

This tonic is 100% organic, made from natural ingredients, no chemicals. It has no additives and fillers, parabens or dyes. A completely healthy, and efficient solution for your hair/eyebrows/eyelashes/skin.


In the world of hair growth tonics, scarcity is not an issue, but recognizing products that work in the sea of fake ones is. We tried to help, presenting you with top 5 hair growth tonics. All five are viable choices, and you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them.

However, one product does stand out- Biofolic Tonic. This tonic is one of a kind, independently clinically tested, and it just works. It is the ultimate solution for your hair- it will stop hair loss, stimulate growth, protect from damage, and strengthen hair follicles. Your hair will be thicker, and your scalp dandruff free. All that with zero side effects. A genuinely unique, top-quality product.