A Close Look at the Popular Uses of Tea Tree Oil

The oil produced from this pungent herb has a range of uses. Through testing it has also been shown that tea tree oil can help with skin issues to arise if not used in its diluted form and directions and warnings should always be carefully adhered to. But the potential health uses of tea tree oil are plentiful when used properly and the application of it in use dates back hundreds of years. Records indicate the Aborigines were the first people to harbour its benefits and the export industry of the product is still thriving today, despite the plants wider growth.

Diluted appropriately, tea tree oil can help significantly reduce the effects of skin, such as cleansing and helping overall skin health.  It is often used in conjunction with lavender oil to reduce blemishes and sooth irritation and both herbs have cleansing properties which aid skin. The cooling properties of tea tree oil may help to reduce irritation and it has been marketed as an ingredient in popular products aimed at toning and perfecting skin.

Recently tea tree oil has become popular as a deodorant by mixing a few drops with baking soda and coconut oil. The properties of the oil purify the air. The same method can be applied and left in an open container as an eco-friendly air freshener, or added to shoe fresh pouches which not only keeps your shoes smelling great, but also your feet!

Tea tree oil can be added to natural household cleaning solutions to keep floors and surfaces fresh and clean. This is great for families with children and pets as it isn’t harmfully abrasive like most chemical solutions and just as effective. It also has effective properties which can help clean surfaces in the home and protect against environmental threats.

It can also be used in laundry, keeping your delicates safe for longer, as often simply washing your underwear doesn’t always get the clothes fully clean. We have established tea tree oil as a prolific natural commodity, and there’s more it can do! To find out what else this wonder oil is capable of, and to see how it could help you to improve your quality of life, visit doTERRA essential oils.